Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm With The Banned

So, I was browsing CafePress last week and came across some amazing Banned Books Week gear. I know Banned Books Week is drawing to a close, but I'm going to share these with you anyway, because we don't need a special week to celebrate our freedom to read. 

I'm With the Banned Tee Banned Books Tee
Ban Ignorance Tote Bag Burn a Book 2.25" Button

I ended up ordering this t-shirt:
Offend Everyone (pink) Shirt
Perfect, no? I even paid extra for faster shipping so I would get it in time to wear to school for Banned Books Week, but, alas, it's Thursday night and the package didn't get here. No special Banned Books Week shirt for me. Oh well, I will still be celebrating my freedom to read on Monday. (I just wish I could get a refund on that shipping.)

I also picked up this little goody:
DFTBA - Shirt
Yeah, I'm a nerdfighter. Proud of it.

Then, of course, I had to look up some writing designs. Look how fun these are! I'll have to keep these in mind for my next order.

"Speak Freely" Sticker  Pre-published T-Shirt
Buy My Book Tote Bag Typewriter Tee
Word Nerd Tee Blank Page Mini Button
Writer's Block Tote Bag "Revise" Shirt

Even without a t-shirt, I was able to talk about Banned Books Week a lot with my class, which was a lot of fun. And now with the t-shirt I can prompt more conversation all year long.  

What did you do to bring awareness to Banned Books Week? And what do you think about these awesome writing designs from CafePress? (Next time you need to kill an hour or seven, go check out that site. I swear, your cart will be full in mere minutes.)


  1. I love that revise shirt...cracks me up!

  2. I'm loving the revise shirt, too. And if I weren't on a spending freeze, I'd totally snatch up the "I'm With the Banned" one. I can't resist a good pun.

  3. I want all of these! Yes all! Especially the DFTBA! one. Stupid money and it's stupid making the world go round.

  4. Love the shirt, too bad it didn't arrive in time. I will definitely check out Cafe Press. Very cute stuff.

  5. I love these shirts. Good choice on the one you bought.