Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I had such a blast at the SCBWI-LA conference this summer; I learned a ton and had such an amazing time. Writing is so solitary, and I'm sure you other YA writers out there know the special look you get from people when you tell them you write stories about teenagers. So spending time surrounded by other writers, and other people who "get" YA the way you do...well, it's how I would spend all of my free time if I could.

So ever since SCBWI-LA ended, I've been poking around looking for more writing conferences I can attend. I can only learn so much by reading books and blogs, and I'm always dying to talk YA with real live people.

The first conference I'm drooling over is the Big Sur Writing Workshop for Children's Books.

It's a weekend retreat in beautiful Big Sur, a place I have been dying to visit. It's a weekend working in close proximity with Andrea Brown agents as well as some very talented authors and editors. I mean, look at the faculty list. Sara Zarr! Ellen Hopkins! Neal Shusterman! Kristen Tracy! I die!

This conference is pretty pricey (okay, really pricey), but, honestly, I could easily earn the cost of the weekend by working three shifts a week at my second job between now and the registration deadline. And the cost includes lodging and all meals, so there won't really be any extra expenses to worry about.

Eeek, I want to go so bad. The timing is pretty rotten, though. I'm going on a big trip over Thanksgiving that I need to save for, and that's the weekend of my husband's birthday.

But, but, but...Ellen Hopkins!

I don't know.

The second conference I'm drooling over is the SDSU Writers' Conference.

After reading about Shannon's experience at the SDSU conference last year, I decided I really wanted to go. I have been stalking the conference website, waiting to see when the 2011 speakers and topics will be announced, but if the '11 lineup is anything like the '10 lineup, I'll be super excited.

This one is a little more affordable, and it's a lot closer to home, and the timing is better. Unless something major happens, this one is pretty much a sure thing.

Do you have any conferences in the lineup? What do you think about these two that I'm looking at? Is anyone planning on going to either of these?


  1. Both of those conferences sound amazing! I hope you get to go to both. I would love to go to the one in San Diego just because I love San Diego so much. :) I honestly have no idea about conferences around here and hadn't thought about going to one, but now I want to look into it!

  2. I want to go to both of those too! And a couple other ones in NY... Why are they all so expensive?

    I'm going to this in 2 weeks, up in Thousand Oaks: http://www.scbwisocal.org/events/vsb_writers_day.htm

    Mary Pearson will be there, so I am excited for that! It might be too sci-fi/fantasy oriented for your book though.

  3. oooooo I'm going to WFC next week :) I can't freaking wait! You know, my CP Alexandra is thinking about SDSU too! I've heard only awesome things about that con!