Monday, October 25, 2010

Revision Highlights

So, I'm working on revising my WIP. I'd love to have a helpful and insightful post where I share my revision process with you, but the truth is, I'm really figuring out my revision process as I go.

I'm on draft three right now, and I decided to print the whole thing out and put it in a folder. I like writing on the computer, but I really don't like reading on the computer. So I'm just reading the whole thing through from beginning to end, and when I get to something that sticks out to me, I just highlight that line/passage.

So if I come across:

  • Clunky dialog 
  • Excessive adverbs
  • Random descriptions
  • Boring parts
  • Bits where I ramble on way too long
  • And things that just don't make any sense
I just swipe it with my highlighter and keep reading. The goal is to just read it all the way through, but I can't just skip past something that doesn't work, so I'll go back to the highlighted stuff and fix it when I am ready for the next round. 

Here's my lovely folder:

You can see I have some highlights on that page already. Hello awkward exposition and totally flat character description. I'll be seeing you later. 

I almost had a heart attack because this draft is 82,000 words. YIKES. That came out to 274 pages in Word, and I can barely turn the pages in this tiny folder. 

I obviously have a LOT of highlighting to do. 


  1. I *just* started revising myself--my revision turned into a rewrite, though. Good luck!

  2. Yikes for your printer! I have the same thing in my binder, though I did a partial-write then edit. Then I am going back and putting 50,000 more words this Nano (am at 20k now). Perhaps this would make for a good blog post, no? I wish I had thought of it. Perhaps I'll steal (and link to you, of course!). ;) Great work, Jess.
    Now, if only I could read those words... :squint:

  3. That is really exciting! I can't wait to read it one day =)