Monday, November 8, 2010

A General WIP Update

Remember my WIP? I sort of do. Vaguely.

I kid, I kid. I've been revising the darn thing, but it took me from October 22 through last night to go through reading the hard copy and make notes on what I need to change. This tells me I either a) lagged hard core or b) have a ridiculous amount of things I need to change.

The answer is somewhere in the middle there. I do have a lot of changes, but life has also been nuts the past few weeks. (Life tends to do that, doesn't it? Just be all nuts like that.) I was sick as a dog for the better part of three weeks*, my grades were due at work, and blah blah blah. But I was bringing my little hard copy with me everywhere I went and working on it whenever and wherever I could.

See? I even brought it to happy hour! Mmmm. Margaritas.

So now I'm starting another round of major revision. I have my story all set, now I just need to make it good. May the force be with me.

I will have to say that I am missing my regular support group. Most of the awesome ladies in my writing group are participating in NaNoWriMo and they have all crawled into their NaNo holes and left me feeling a little sad and lonely. Our e-mails have slowed, our weekly chats are getting skipped, and I'm feeling a bit needy and abandoned. But maybe it's better. I should be using all of this extra time to get my butt in gear on revising.

I still have a lot going on this week, and for the rest of the month, but my current goal is to have a substantial revision done by the time I head to Big Sur at the beginning of December. And I have some CPs ready to read it, so I'd love to actually put them to work and give them something to do.

So, there's my update. How are you doing with your current WIP? (Or NaNo, if you're doing that like all the cool kids.)

*There was an outbreak of Whooping Cough at my school. I'm convinced I have/had it. I went t the doctor, but he didn't test me and just gave me a ton of meds. They worked like a charm, and I'm feeling a lot better, finally, but I am still convinced I had the Whoop. 


  1. OK, I NEED to see the WIP&margarita picture, but it's not showing up :( But yay for progress and feeling better!

    And I miss our group, too. You and I can be our own little anti-NaNo group :)

  2. Ok, MAC side effect...none of my pictures seem to show up. Grr.

  3. Glad to hear revisions are coming along. Before you know it, we'll be seeing your name on a shiny new cover. ;)
    My NaNo is going more slowly than I'd hoped for. I did great the first 3 days and then I went to my photography weekend away for 4 days. 4 days of photography class = 4 days behind in Nano. No bueno.

  4. Yay for revisions! I miss the group too! I sort of can't wait until Nano's over so we can get back to our normal schedule.