Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving Thanks to Agents

It's the second week in Christine Fonseca's Thankful Tuesdays and today we are GIVING THANKS to agents.

Now, I don't have an agent (yet), but that doesn't mean that I don't have a lot to thank them for. After all, agents do so much for us un-agented writers. They write awesome blogs that give us tips on how to write queries, which is so incredibly helpful for me. I'm a person who needs to see examples before I can try something on my own, so having all of these agent blogs in my Google Reader showing me good queries and bad queries and what works and what doesn't is so helpful to me.

It't not just the query-related blogs that are helpful...some agent blogs are packed full of awesome industry information. For example, Mary Kole's blog is one of my very favorites. She's always providing such helpful and relevant information (like this recent post about the state of contemporary realistic YA that made me die a little inside) and I truly appreciate how much effort she puts into keeping everyone in the loop.

Then there are all the agents on Twitter who participate in #askagent sessions and weekly #yalitchat discussions and, of course, the (new and improved) #queries tweets. All of these things are, of course, in addition to their actual job of representing clients and being agents.

So thank you, agents of the world. Thanks for making me feel like a publishing insider, even though I have nothing to do with the industry just yet. Thanks for helping me feel prepared for entering the query wars one of these days. Thanks for taking the time to keep us aspiring authors in the loop like you do. We really appreciate all of the extra work you do.


  1. Yay agents! I don't have one either, but all of the agents I've met have been overwhelmingly helpful.

  2. You did a wonderful job of showing why unagented writers still have many reasons to be thankful for agents. I loved this! :-)

  3. So many truths in here. Great post Jessica. :)

  4. I so agree with all of this WOO HOOOOOOOO