Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm A Slacker

Last year I set a goal for myself. I was going to read 200 books in 2009. I started off strong, reading a book a month in January. (Yeah, seriously. It was insane.) But then around April '09 I had some Major Life Drama and my reading fell by the wayside a bit. I just couldn't concentrate on reading like I wanted to, and my months packed with books turned in to months with books here and there.

In the end, I read 139 books in 2009. Still a very worthy accomplishment, I'd say, but nowhere near what I was hoping.

For 2010 I decided I wasn't going to make a goal for myself when it came to reading. My goal was to grow my book blog and work on my writing, and fit reading in where I could find room for it. Obviously I would still read a lot because it was important to me, and it's hard to maintain a good book blog if you're not reading and talking about books. So I thought I would just read what I wanted and not put a number goal on it.

But you know I couldn't just do that.

I ended up saying things like, "Well, I don't have a goal or anything, but I'm hoping to read 100 books this year." And, let's be honest, that's a goal. Without all of the fanfare, I somehow set a goal of 100 books this year. I didn't mean to. I promise. These things just happen sometimes.

I thought for sure I could make it, but I've totally hit a reading rut. I don't know house is full of amazing books that I'm dying to read. I have times when I need a break from my revision and nothing would fill that time better than just dicking around online or staring at whatever ridiculous reality show my husband is watching on TV. But I just...can't. I just...don't.

Here's my shameful confession, you guys. I haven't read a book yet in November.

I can't even believe it.

I don't know why I'm in such a rut! I'm honestly embarrassed about it, and I hesitated even posting this here because it's so shameful.

Do you guys ever get in reading ruts like this? How do you get out of them? I'd appreciate any tips you have. Getting to 100 isn't totally out of the question right now (I'm in the middle of books 82 and 83 right now...The House on Mango Street and To Kill a Mockingbird, both of which I am reading with my students), but I can't just keep letting time go by like this. I NEED TO SHAKE THIS OFF.

If you want to see what I've read so far this year, and what I read in 2009, check out my list here.


  1. You need a really good series to get your spark back

  2. Dude. Read The Sky Is Everywhere. You'll finish it in one sitting, it's THAT good.

    And then email me to discuss the awesomeness <3

  3. Oh, Sara, I've been raving about that one for awhile. :-) But I'd love to discuss!

  4. Don't stress too much! The holidays are a good time for reading. Besides, you are busy with your own book.

  5. I've been in a reading rut this month too. I don't know what the deal is!

  6. I get in reading ruts sometimes. What I do is pick something different to read. Usually it's because I just can't get into the book(s) I'm trying to read. So I try to find something funny and preferably short. That usually works for me. Right now I'm in a movie rut. I love movies, but I've had the same 2 movies from Netflix for months. I just don't feel like watching them.