Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mac Tonight

I'm getting a Mac!

I'm so excited. I work so much on my laptop (the chair in the back corner at my local Panera is my home away from home) that having one that is light and easy to use is key. I have his Dell laptop that I've had for a few years now, and while it works okay, it's so slow and cumbersome*. 

Really, when I think back on my experience at SCBWI LA, I think of Heather tossing her cute little MacBook in her purse, whipping it out during sessions and typing away on it, all adorable, then tossing it back in her purse. Easy breezy beautiful.

Then I remember me with my bulky Dell. It didn't fit in my (enormous) purse, so I ended up buying a messenger bag at the SCBWI store. So I'm schlepping around this big bag and knocking people and things over with it, trying to find somewhere to plug my computer in, because the battery on my Dell only lasts about 2 hours, and waiting FOREVER for it to turn on and off. I'm kind of a mess anyway (ask Heather about my dang coffee mug that spilled everywhere that weekend), so the burden of this computer just added to my cloud of disarray. And it was somewhat embarrassing to be the one person who had to go sit on the floor in the corner just so she could be by an outlet. 

That was when I decided I was getting a MacBook for sure. It's so small! It's so cute! It's so light! And the battery lasts longer than one SCBWI conference session! Oooh, oooh, and now I can get Scrivener! (I know they just released Scrivener for Windows, but that's still beta...I can get the real deal on my new Mac. Yay!)
And...and...since I was on some kind of Apple product high, I got one of these:

Yay iPad!
This is actually for my husband for his birthday/Christmas, but you know how those things go. I'm really excited to take it over play with it. 

I'm excited about this new technology ju-ju (I also have a new phone [not an iPhone, though, because I refuse to switch to AT&T] coming my way on Friday, which is amazing because mine freezes about 4x a day, at least)...I'm feeling like I'm finally catching up with the rest of the world. And I don't have to schlep around the huge bag anymore. Bye bye, disarray!

* Oh the irony that as I was trying to post this, my computer had a total tantrum. My browser would stop responding, I would type things and they would take a good minute to show up on my screen, my cursor was on one side of the screen, but when I clicked, something on the opposite side of the screen would open, etc. It's been like this for awhile now, but it went NUTS during the course of trying to post this. I think it knows it's going to be replaced. I had the whole post typed out already, I just needed to C&P, add images, and click publish, but the whole production ended up taking about 45 minutes. No joke. THIS is why I am so excited about getting a new computer. 

UGH...and then I clicked on Preview and it PUBLISHED. It wasn't ready to publish. I didn't click publish! YOU GUYS...I am so glad that I have something coming because I'm ready to throw this computer through the window. Grrrr. I'm seriously nervous to even click anything again. 

Yesss I love technology. But not as much as you, you see...


  1. I am sooo jealous! My laptop sucks. It's over 5 years old, so what do I expect. I can't even use the Internet on it anymore, so it's kind of useless. I haven't used it in months because it sucks so bad, but I had to drag it out the other day so I could start NaNoWriMo. I can't wait to hear about your new Mac! What kind of phone did you get?

  2. I'm so excited for you to have a Macbook!!! I love ours. Best purchase ever. The battery does last a long time indeed.

  3. dude you are gonna LOVE your MacBook!!!! You'll never want to go back to anything else :)

    welcome to the club <3

  4. Yay for Macs! I have a macbook and I love it. Before that I had an iMac, but it was time for an updated version after 6 years with it. Once my Dell desktop dies (which should be any minute now), we'll be a 100% Mac house. Go Apple!