Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Toys

I got all of my new toys yesterday!

Yes, it was Technology Christmas yesterday in my house as I was able to pick up my new MacBook and the iPad I got for the husband, and my new phone (HTC Evo) just happened to arrive on the same day! Wheee!

I'm typing this on the new Mac as I try to get everything set up and moved over from the Dell. I don't have the OS figured out yet (and I've had to type this several times now for various reasons), but it's sure a lot of fun trying!

(Like...why is this post in 3 different fonts when it all looked exactly the same in the editing window? And even when I try to set it all to default font, it's still 3 different fonts? Hm...the fun things I will get to discover.)


  1. lol congrats on the new technology toys!! You're gonna LURVE your Mac, I promise :)

  2. So, the picture isn't working for me just FYI. And for the record I'm STILL totes jels. xoxo

  3. Same here, can't see the picture and I'm still jealous! If you don't need any of that tech, you know there are loving homes out there, right!

  4. Yay! That's so awesome! I know how excited you must be :)

    If you take the Mac and your old computer to an Apple store, they can do the data conversion for you. You have to pay for it, but the package comes with a years' worth of classes on how to use your Mac and any new programs that came with it (so if, like me, you opted for Pages instead of Word, etc. they'll teach you how to use it) But the old-fashioned way works, too, and is cheaper!

    I'm so happy for you!

  5. I moved from a Dell to a Mac a few months ago and I'm loving it, apart from those weird font problems in Blogger.