Sunday, November 14, 2010

Real People Are Awesome

I love the internet so much for many reasons, but one of them is because it has taken the solitary pursuit that is writing and turned it into a close-knit community. My amazing writing friends are from all over the country, and I have people who visit my blogs from all over the world.

But there is something to be said for having IRL writing friends. You know, someone you can sit at a table with and talk about revision or books with and have them understand what you mean. Someone who doesn't look at you blankly when you say up things like querying or plotting vs pantsing or "I read this great YA novel..."

I love my internet writing friends to death, but I also love having "real life" people to talk about these things with.

Today I had a fantastic lunch with two lovely YA writers. I met Amaris back in the summer at the SCBWI LA conference when we ended up eating at the same table. Then I ran into her again at a meeting of a local writing group. Sarah was also at that meeting, supporting her friend Mandy Hubbard who was speaking. We ended up having a great conversation at that meeting, so we decided to do it again.

Today was that day, and the three of us sat out in the beautiful LA sunshine (it was in the 80s in Southern California again today...have I mentioned that I love where I live?) and talked about books we've read, books we've been waiting for, Sarah's journey to publication and upcoming book, my querying goals, Amaris's roadblocks, and writing, books, and publishing in general.

It was wonderful.

I know my poor husband gets tired of me trying to have these conversations with him, and, honestly, I get tired of him just nodding at me while watching the Lakers game. It was so nice to have someone talk back to me. Thanks Sarah and Amaris for such a fun afternoon!

This is part of the reason I go to as many local writing events as possible. Obviously I love to learn as much as I can from conferences and workshops and writing retreats, but I also just love to meet new people, and having the opportunity to just talk about my writing life with like-minded souls is always so awesome.

So, as wonderful as the internet is, there's really something to be said about people you can talk to in real life.

Do you have any IRL writing friends? How did you find them?


  1. I hear ya! I LOVE going to cons specifically because I get to meet my writing friends IRL. And the other day, I had lunch with Allison Pang, whom I've always adored online. It was awesome and we're totally doing it again soon. AND one of my CPs, Cristin Terrill actually moved to my area so we meet up at Starbucks to write IRL sometimes. Well, except WE usually end up gossiping about the writing world, lol. (About nice stuff of course!)

  2. I love meeting with writers IRL! I met my crit partner on Absolute Write and now we hang out all the time in real life. We realized at some point that we only lived one town over so we met up to go to a book signing and then kept meeting up! Now we're friends as well as writing buddies. We also met up this weekend for writing and then drinking. She even came to my wedding! As did my other critique partner who I met on Critique Circle. She lives on the other coast (and in another country, Canada) and she came to stay with me during BEA.