Friday, November 5, 2010

Three Concerts in Three Days - Day 1

I am in the midst of a crazy weekend of three concerts in three days. You guys know that I love music, and I especially love live music. If one of my favorite bands is playing near me, I will pretty much move heaven and earth to get there and see them. I'm lucky that I live where I do, because my favorites usually pass through here pretty frequently, and I've seen pretty much every band or singer that I love live at one point in my life.

Well, last night was a different experience for me. I went to see a band I had never heard before. My good friend at work is a huge fan of Ghostland Observatory, and I'd heard her rave about them, but I had no idea what their music even sounded like. She kept trying to explain it to me, but I'll admit I tuned out a little bit when she said "electronic." I'm much more of an acoustic guitar kind of girl. Electronic? Not so much my thing. Besides that, all I knew was that there was some kind of light show involved, and that the singer looked a lot like one of our co-workers.

At the last minute her boyfriend had to work last night when they had tickets to their zillionth Ghostland show, so she asked me if I wanted to come along and check them out. I'm not really one to turn down a concert, even if it's someone I don't know (I even went to a Dixie Chicks show because it was free...and if you know me at all, that is really surprising. Country music is even less my thing than electronic music), so last night I found myself at Club Nokia in LA for Ghostland Observatory.

Can I just say...this show ROCKED MY FACE OFF. Ghostland is totally impossible to describe. It's two guys - one is dressed in a dracula cape who handles the DJ/electronic stuff and sometimes drums, and the other guy (who really does look identical to the guy we work with) sings, plays the guitar and gyrates. His voice is a hybrid of Prince and Axl Rose, their music is totally different from anything I listen to, and the laser light show just blew my mind. I've never seen, heard, or experienced anything like that show in my life.

I found a few videos to share, in case you are curious about their music. These are all from a show in Seattle in '09, not last night, but I liked that they were professional videos of a live performance and give you a good idea of the laser light show.

This song was probably the most popular of the night. The crowd was going NUTS for it...singing along, dancing, gyrating all over the place (lots of gyrating from both singer and crowd, I noticed). Then I watched this video and the crowd looks downright bored. So imagine this video with an insane, gyrating crowd and that's what I experienced last night.

Here's another song I really enjoyed that was also a crowd favorite. The light show in this video is awesome...and just imagine it through the entire show!

And then here is a video of their trippy cover of Darling Nikki by Prince

This band totally isn't for everyone, but man I liked it so much! I loved that I went in to something that was so out of my normal comfort zone with a totally open mind and ended up being so thoroughly entertained. It's fun to discover new stuff that you never would have found on your own.

(I don't know if I can come up with 30 writing-related posts to fill up every day of NaBloPoMo, and I did mention when I started this blog that it would also be about music that inspires me. So there you go.)


  1. Glad you had a good time! You were due for some fun with all the work you've been doing!

  2. Awesome! I love live music, and there's nothing better than discovering a new band. You want to tell everybody about them.