Sunday, November 7, 2010

Three Concerts In Three Days - Day 2

Friday night was the second day of my three day concert extravaganza. Cold War Kids have been one of my favorites for awhile now, and since I am a follower of theirs on Twitter and a fan on Facebook, I feel like I'm generally pretty plugged in to their happenings. But this show came out of nowhere. I didn't hear about it until the week before, and it was mentioned on the venue Twitter totally in passing. I felt lucky that I happened to see it, otherwise I would have missed seeing them in a super small venue, and that would have made me sad!

Here's the thing. I'm no spring chicken. I'm thirty*something* and as much as I try to keep telling myself that I can hang with the pretty young things like I used to...I can't. This super small venue was general admission, of course, so there was no comfy seat for me like there was the night before at Club Nokia, and I was exhausted from getting to sleep late the night before and dealing with my ongoing cough/sickness. Instead of getting drinks, Erin and I got coffee and waters and spent the whole opening act wishing there was somewhere we could just sit. I don't think I can hang with the standing room only anymore.

The show was awesome, of course. Cold War Kids never disappoint, and I love literally every song of theirs, so I'm always fine with any set list. It turns out the reason that this show was so under the radar was that they just wanted to bounce some of their new stuff off of a live audience. On one hand, that was a bit of a bummer because when you go see a band you love, you like to hear your favorite songs. But on the other hand, it was cool being a guinea pig for the new stuff. Their new album is going to be awesome!

My camera is still broken, but luckily some other people at the show had working video capabilities! No one got my favorite new song on video (Louder Than Ever), but I also really like this one. (I really liked ALL of the new ones, really.) Sadly this isn't the entire song, but you get the idea. Awesome, huh?

This is one of my very favorite Cold War Kids songs, Dreams Old Men Dream. Hear those people singing along? I'm totally one of them.

And for those of you who aren't sure if you have even heard of Cold War Kids, you may recognize this song. It's probably their biggest hit.

(It was so difficult to pick the videos to post on here...I wanted to put all of them because I love their music so much, but that's way obnoxious.)

Even though Erin and I were EXHAUSTED and OLD, I'm so glad we went! But I was also glad that the next day was Saturday so I could sleep in. This old woman needs her rest.

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  1. Seeing one of your favorite acts live is always awesome! I'm not sure I could deal with standing room only either though.