Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Three Concerts In Three Days - Day 3

By the time Saturday came around I was totally exhausted. Thank goodness I had nothing going on and I was able to rest my tired and weary bones before...FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE at the Wiltern in LA, one of my very favorite venues.

Claire got us tickets back in June, and I had been eagerly awaiting this show ever since. Let me tell you guys, it did not disappoint. Not for one second. I've beed addicted to the Lungs album for awhile now. I knew I loved Florence's voice and their music, but I had no idea she would be that amazing live. Such a voice. Such a stage presence. Such a show. I loved every second of it.

She opened with one of my very favorite songs from Lungs

This song is actually on my WIP playlist, and I LOVE it. It was the perfect opening to the set and really set the tone for this amazing performance.

There was this gorgeous song that some people may recognize from the Eclipse soundtrack

And holy cow, how adorable is she? And that dress! I die!

I actually first heard about Florence and the Machine through the amazing David Levithan. Last November I went to his signing for Love Is The Higher Law. On facebook he offered CDs he burned for the people who let them know that they would be there, so you know I jumped on that. Songs selected by one of my very favorite authors? Sign me up! Well one of my favorites on that killer CD from David Levithan was this one.

Of course now it's on commercials and movie trailers and the MTV VMAs, but for me it will always be David Levithan.

This show was breathtaking, and, for me, it was really what live music is all about. Talent and energy and love. I really hope I get to see her live again.

I can't believe I survived my three days in a row of concerts. Each one was so totally amazing in its own way, and even though I am an old grandmother who literally sat on the floor, leaned up against the wall, and actually fell asleep for a few minutes after the opening band on Saturday, I'm so glad I went to all of them. It actually felt weird that I just sat around at my house on Sunday. But it was nice that I got to sleep.


  1. so jealous of your stamina! I'd be dead after three days of concerts. Athe very least, hard of hearing. :)

    I hate getting old!

  2. Wow, I'm tired just thinking about 3 concerts in 3 days. But it sounds like you had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Three shows in three days ... I'm lucky to see one a year these days. Glad you had a great time. I see you're in Orange County. Me too. Great place to be!

  4. Is this the same show Chelsea Handler was at? She was talking about it on her show last night. If so, that is cool! Well, either way it's cool. It sounds like it was a great show.