Monday, December 27, 2010

Anna Is Back Home

I checked my mailbox today and it was overflowing with books! I honestly don't know how my mail carrier was able to squeeze them all in there. 

Three of them were books I ordered for my classroom library (a Demonata book. a Gregor book, and a Vlad Tod book), but one of them was mine all was my ARC of Anna and the French Kiss!

There it is with my favorite treat...a Pumpkin Spice Latte from 7-11. Don't get me started, I'll rave about them all day.

I won the ARC from Stephanie Perkins's blog back in September, and she signed it for me. I read it in less than a day, and, while I wanted to hang on to it and cuddle with it and take it everywhere with me, I decided to do the generous thing and send it on a little tour of my writing group. 

It usually would kill me to send off a personalized book like this out into the world, but that's how much I wanted to share it with my friends. 

Every now and then one of us gets a really cool ARC and we do this. We send out an e-mail to see who's interested, and then we send it along from person to person. This copy of Anna was a special one, though. Not only did all of the awesome ladies in my writing group read it, they also each wrote a little message in the book about their thoughts after reading it. 

It's a good thing they all loved it as much as I did. I'd really hate to have a book filled with notes from my friends that said something like, "This book sucks, Jess. Thanks for nothing." Nope, nothing but love for Anna!

So now I have this awesome ARC that is not only signed by the author, it's signed by a bunch of my good friends as well. How cool is that?! It will look so neat on my self right next to it's hardback older sister. Honestly, though, this is the one I will probably re-read, not the hardcover. I like the idea of reading such a well loved copy. It has good ju-ju. 

I love having special books like this in my collection. Do you have any special books in your library? 


  1. I'm looking forward to reading this, too :)

    I have a few books in my collection that I loved so much I HAD to pass them on to my friends. I still love them to this day and (thankfully) they enjoyed the books, too :D Friends aren't friends for nothing.

  2. I like how you say "one of us gets a cool ARC" when it's pretty much just you and Shana being super generous! (One of these days I'll pay you back!)

    My most "special" book is (and I know I talk about it all the time!) my old copy of Youth in Revolt. It's falling apart, taped together, because pretty much my entire high school class read it...or at least the whole drama department! (Except for one guy, who returned it to me saying I was "gross" and he "wasn't gay" and couldn't keep reading it because of some of the humor and scenes...LOL.) Even though I have a shiny new copy, I think I'll still reread the one that's falling apart. Like you said, it's well-loved!

  3. I have to agree with

    Thank you for being so kind and generous and sharing your ARC(s) with us! It was an amazing book and I'm so glad I got to read it before release day.

  4. Thanks for letting me join you gals on the tour! Even though I got it last and it was torture not to get to gush over Etienne with you all so I could remain spoiler-free, the excitement this little tour generated was so much fun. You're the best for sharing this with us!

  5. Thanks for including me on the tour! It's like we'll all be there with you every time you re-read it!

  6. Thank you again for letting me play along too! Etienne' makes my heart pitter-pat and I adored Anna! Because of your ARC tour, I made a new friend, Stephanie is adorable!
    You did a good thing, thank you for sharing with us!*HUGS*

  7. Yes, thanks for including me on the tour! Anna was my fave read of 2010, hands down. I am very mad that my husband is not Etienne. Or British/French. He is American which isn't that exciting.

  8. That is so neat! I just got this book for Christmas. Can't wait to read it!

  9. I loved being a part of this tour! Thanks for always sharing your ARCs with us! This book is why I love reading. I was completely transported and will compare every real life man I meet to Etienne.

  10. I love that you all wrote in it too - so amazingly cute!

  11. that's awesome! What a great keepsake. Can't wait to read this one now that I own it!