Monday, December 13, 2010

NaBloPoMo Thank You Giveaway Winner

I got a Horrible Mystery Illness last week that left me pretty useless*, so I'm way far behind on announcing the winner of my latest signed book giveaway. So sorry for the delay!

As a thank you for putting up with my ramblings during NaBloPoMo, I offered a reach into the Sekrit Bag O' Signed Books to one lucky follower. According to, that lucky follower is...

Yay Liz! Thanks for being an awesome blog follower. You rock.

Liz reached into the Sekrit Bag O' Signed Books and pulled out...

You Wish by Mandy Hubbard! (Signed, of course)

Liz, your book will be on its way to you shortly. And thanks everyone for entering! Hopefully I'll have another fun giveaway soon.

*I'm finally feeling like a human again, thank goodness. I promise I'll be back with some real posts soon now that I can think/breathe again.

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