Monday, January 31, 2011

Goals For The Week - 1/31/10

My friend Melissa does a weekly post on Monday where she goes over her goals for the week and reviews her progress for the past week's goals. Since Monday is my writing day anyway (I have my weekly writing chat with my awesome writing group on Mondays and then I head over to my CP's house and do a little critiquing), I figured I would shamelessly steal this idea from her and do a weekly check-in post on Mondays. (I hope that's okay, Melissa!)

Honestly, I really need some more accountability. I've had some issues staying on task with my writing lately, and I don't have anyone to answer to when I don't get anything done. I set a goal to have my WIP finished awhile back, and that date has now come and gone. I need to get myself in gear, friends! And I need you to help me!

Goals for the week of 1/31

* Send in my application for the SCBWI OC/IE Spring Retreat
* Finish re-writing the scene in Ch 11 that has been giving me a hard time
* Work Julie's comments into Ch 2
* Get some eyeballs on the revised Ch 1-11
* Read at least one book
* Pay parking ticket that has my community college transcript on hold so I can finish MFA program application

I think those are good goals to start off with. We'll see how my week goes. Aside from my grades being due tomorrow, I don't have too much on the calendar. I should be able to get this stuff done.

Do you have any big goals for yourself this week? And how do you hold yourself accountable? I need ideas.


  1. no problem! maybe I should just steal your goals this week because I didn't make any for myself yet.

    My large and unattainable goal for the week is to finish the edits on the rest of my WIP. Work is going to be getting busy soon so I'd like to get it finished before I have no time.

  2. If you schedule specific times to do something, that might help. For example, you could say right after work tomorrow, you'll tackle the parking ticket. For me, if I tell myself exactly when I'll do something on the list, it's easier to make it happen. Good luck!

  3. Yes pay that parking ticket! I need to start setting goals too...

  4. This is something I do because I'm in college and horrible at schoolwork, but I actually keep a private blog just for schoolwork and classes to help me keep everything organized and so that I don't get behind. I write down every quiz, exam, homework, and assignment and mark them off when I've finished them.

  5. My goal is to dig even further into the revisions on my WIP. How far I'll get depends on the day job. It always seems to get in the way of my writing goals. :)

    I find that adding specific items to my calendar (scheduling revisions from 7 to 9 pm, for instance) helps me stick to my goals. Good luck!

  6. Do you need me to pay that ticket for you? I might be tempted. It's a very high possibility.

  7. What a wonderful idea! It keeps you organized and publicly accountable. :)

    I usually need a list in front of me. I'm not always at my blog, so if I keep the list only online, then the list is lost.

    Like Ghenet said, I like having specific deadlines for tasks. I also like to delay doing what I actually want to do until I get a few task items done. i.e. If I've done my daily exercise, I get to check my e-mail.

    Good luck!