Sunday, January 23, 2011

Identity Crisis

I haven't posted in awhile, which is sort of unlike me. I love blogging, and I really like keeping my blog updated with the latest and greatest in my life. I think I'm having a major identity crisis with this blog, though, and that's keeping me from posting as often as I'd like to.

I have no idea what I want this blog to be.

I started it as a writing blog. But as I read other writing blogs, I find that writers use their writing blogs as a place to dispense writing advice, give tips, stuff like that. Well, let's be clear about something right now...I'm in no place in my writing life to give advice or tips to anyone. I'm soaking up all of the advice I can get, but I'm certainly not dishing it out. And, honestly, I don't feel like I have anything new to say when it comes to writing tips. It's all been done, and if that's what you're here for, I can point you in the direction of a hundred people who can do it a thousand times better than I can.

So, do I want it to be a blog where I keep you posted on my writing life? I don't know, that seems boring.
Today I revised a chapter. I cut out a scene I liked, and it was hard.

Well, my writing progress doesn't even go like that, if we're being honest. My writing group knows well that it goes more like this
ZOMG I HAVE NO PLOT. Please help me, my WIP is nearing 90k words and NOTHING HAPPENS EVER. Please please please help me make it not suck so hard!*
Yeah, I don't really want to subject blog readers to my inner writing neurosis. My writing group can't get away from my e-mails, but you could easily unfollow, and I don't want that.

So, what do I do then? Make it a life blog? I used to have an awesome life blog, but now that I'm a teacher I'm a lot more guarded with my private life online. And while I sometimes do really awesome things, most of the time I am just chilling on the couch with my dog playing around on the internet.

Do I do a mix of everything? Writing, progress, life? Does that give everyone whiplash? Is it better to have one consistent theme? Does anyone even care? Or am I over-thinking this like I over-think everything?

I'm even more confused because I have this book review blog that I have no idea what to do with. Really what I do best is pimping out books that I love, but I already do that somewhere else. Blogs, blogs, everywhere, all stressing me out.

WDYT? What should I do around here? Is it ok to be all over the place?

*FYI, I am currently fixing this problem. Never fear. 


  1. I think you should blog about whatever you want to blog about. Don't worry about putting parameters on it, just go with the flow.

    When I started my second blog, that was my intention and I kind of like it. I enjoy not feeling like I NEED to blog all the time and when I do, I feel good about it. That's why when I was thinking about a title for it, I just went with a variety of things that would encompass all things (Life, check. Love, check. Literature, check.)

    I enjoy reading about the different aspects. It keeps things fresh and I like not knowing what I'm going to read when I come here because it keeps me on my toes.

    Just make sure you do what makes YOU happy.

  2. I have a writing blog and really it's a little bit of everything. I write about the process of writing and revising (which I love to read about on other writers' blogs...I think it's fascinating how others tell a story). I also review books and give the occasional random post about my life. I always follow the rule to blog about whatever I want to. As long as your having fun, other people will gravitate to that.

  3. I feel the same way about the writing stuff. Most of the time I think someone has already done it better, and who am I to tell someone how to do it? So now I just post whatever I feel like.

  4. Honestly, I'm going through the same issue right now. But I figured out something that helps me a lot.

    Having a set blog schedule. I realized this when I joined the Bookanistas and how every Thursday I *have* to do a positive review. At first I thought it would be daunting but then I realized OMG THIS IS SO EASY. I don't have to think about Thursday! I know in advance what I need to post. And I've actually written most of the reviews in advance (I know, shocking!).

    So I decided to try to give the other 4 days of the week specific blog topics. Friday is the Friday 5 which sounds easy but it does take me FOREVER to think up 5 worthy things to talk about if I've spent most of the week sitting in my apartment doing nothing, lol. I've started to do posts like "5 things I miss from my childhood" but even that's difficult to think of.

    And then I decided one day a week I'd do a writing post. Except, you guessed it, it's hard to think of a topic and my latest writing post took me like 10 hours to create. *thud*

    My friend Jen and I were discussing that we should get a bunch of people together and pick a day of the week (we've narrowed it down to Tuesday or Wednesday) and all post our thoughts on the same topic and then link to each other like we do with the Bookanistas. But that's as far as we got. WHAT topic should be all blog about?! No idea! But if you'd like to join us, we'd love to have you!

    So yeah, I think setting a schedule will help though I'm still in the process of trying to define the schedule. And so far I'm not consistent with which days I post things on except for Bookanistas.

  5. I've struggled with this too. So far my blog has some writing tips (more like things I've learned along the way, since I'm no expert), my thoughts about various topics, and some personal stuff sprinked in too. I haven't reviewed any books yet but I probably will at some point. I think it's okay that your posts be a little of this, a little of that. I enjoy your blog and think you should keep at it!

  6. Hello! (Clicked over here from the blog list on Grab a Pen.)

    I agree with what's already been said. Blog about whatever you wanna blog about whenever you wanna blog about it, and perhaps setting a schedule where you do a certain type of post depending on the day will help it feel less chaotic for you.

  7. Blog about whatever the heck you want! It's YOURS! Don't blog because people expect something - do it for you and you'll be happy about it! And, I''m with Cacy, dropped by from Grab a Pen. Whatever you decide, have fun with it... and your blog IS pretty!

  8. There is no rule that says you can't do both on one blog. Critique, interview, rambling and have fun :)

    Set a blog schedule. It helps.

  9. I've been going through a similar blogging identity crisis, but I've decided that I just don't care. I'm going to just write about whatever I feel like writing about, and I think you should do the same. If at some point, you find a more specific identity for your blog, you can change things up to fit that. Until then, write what you want to :)

  10. Specialization is for insects and people who can't go beyond small talk at dinner parties. The awesome part of being a writer is the huge scope of topics out there beyond 5 Quick Fixes for Opening Paragraphs.

    There's always a way to tie posts into writing. From the idea that inspired the story, interesting research behind a scene, or maybe just self deprecating humor about stuff that happens as part of the writing lifestyle. Stuff is there to be written about that provides advice without sounding like a self help book.

  11. Don't worry about it as much.

    I started a writing blog with a combination of writing tips and/or writing neuroses and a few months down the line I have 150 readers and 103 posts.

    Trust me... you will find something to write about.

    BTW, most of the author's blogs I visit have some of their life in it too. I don't necessarily enjoy people preaching.

    Also... every writer have something they learnt from writing, so you could share that.

    Anyway, I just followed MrLinky here to check out your blog.

    Good luck with choosing who you want to be. ;-)

  12. It's really easy to begin overthinking. I used to do it too, and then at one point i got tired of it and decided id just blog about what i felt like.
    theres all these rules about inconsistensies and whatnot and they can sometimes really muddle up your mind! IMO, if it's a writing-related blog, it can have anything from writing updates to writing advice to book reviews to occassional posts about life in general/music/movies. as long as youre not blabbing on and on and on about the same thing, i think youre safe.
    like i was advised once, it's best to fly by the seat of your pants.
    and btw, i got here from tahereh's blog--the whole linky list, and i adore your bog :) hope you get over the blogging crisis soon!

  13. I agree with Nicole and the others above: write what you're passionate about (and if that includes pieces on writing, great) -- it will show. And already does! :) (Found you through
    T. H. Mafi -- LOVE her!)

  14. Is there anything wrong with being all over the place? I really think the best writers are just It's like a writer's form of brainstorming, clustering, mapping things out. It seems like people who don't typically consider themselves "writers" make it a point to outline everything.

    My personal opinion is to be all over the place. Make a literary specticle of yourself (while of course keeping your private life protected. Day job, you know.) Wouldn't it be fun to sometimes ask readers to give you a topic to write about? Like a writing exercise. Tomorrow I'd like you blog about what your dog might be saying if he could talk to you. I don't know... it sounds fun!

    In creative writing class they gave us so many different writing assignments that took us out of our element or let us shine within it. Good practice! Play some blogger's roulette! :-)

  15. Um, *yes* to everything you just said. I know this post is from a while ago, but, seriously, I've been struggling with the EXACT SAME ISSUES. It was like reading my own thoughts (only more cohesive and said concise and clear, which is, again, why there's no way I'm going to try to start another blog full of writing tips).

    So. Good luck. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Me, I'm giving myself six months--and if it turns out I'm not a blogger, that's okay.