Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Signing: Chris Jericho

I go to a lot of book signings and book events. I'm lucky, living where I live. Almost every author passes through the LA area at one time or another, so I've had a chance to meet some of my very favorite authors...and really add to my signed book collection. (It's getting pretty out of control, if you want to know the truth.)

This week, the husband turned the tables on me and asked me to come with him to a book signing. What? My husband doesn't even read! Whose signing could he possibly want to attend?

Oh. WWE wrestling star Chris Jericho, that's who.

I try every now and then to be a good wife, so I went along. Chris Jericho has a much bigger fan base than the various YA authors whose signings I usually attend, so it had all of these things I wasn't used to. Lines. Wristbands. Waiting. Lots of waiting. The husband waited in the same spot (the blue wristband section...aka the last group) for about an hour (while I sat in a chair in the corner chatting with writing peeps on my computer) before his line even moved. Yikes.

I'm used to my signings having a reading and a Q&A and all that, but there were so many fans there, it just wasn't possible. They just shuffled everyone through the line, let them talk briefly with Chris while he signed, and then let them snap a quick picture.

You KNOW I had to get a pic. I'm down for pretty much any photo op.

I have to protect the husband's anonymity. But, yes, he is very tan.

Chris was VERY nice. He was in a great mood for having been signing for well over an hour. He joked with the crowd and chatted with the husband when we came up to him. I'm not sure why he was wearing sunglasses or a sparkly scarf, but hey, he's the one with a book on the NY Times bestseller list, so what do I know?

This wasn't my normal book event, but it was still entertaining. Lots of great people watching, another signed book to add to the collection, and it made the husband happy, so I call the whole thing a win. I'm just glad to have a few actual YA signings coming up on the calendar. I need to get back in my comfort zone.

Have you been to any book events lately?


  1. I was wondering the same thing about the sunglasses. It looks like you're inside...

    And I love the book on your husband's face. Ha ha!

  2. I'm very envious that book tours run through LA on a fairly regular basis. The ONE time an author actually had a stop here in Indy that I could have attended was James Dashner for The Scorch Trials. He was a mere 20 minutes away, and I had to work *sniff sniff*
    The OTHER book event that I had any hope of going to (and one that I REALLY wanted to go to) was the Feb 9th Breathless Tour stop in NYC (where half of my family lives). But then I scheduled a family vacation in CA thru the 9th, completely spacing the overlap. *facepalm*
    One of these days, I'll go to an actual book signing and have glorious'll be like a magical dream. *cue angelic choir*

  3. How fun! Glad to hear he was a cool guy. Love your outfit!

  4. Sparkly scarf-wearing WWE star -- now there's a signing! Sounds like a very fun event...

  5. Jealous! I haven't been to a book event like that in a while. A small one, here in Virginia, but there was a serious lack of WWE wrestlers AND sparkly scarves!

  6. I've only been to one author event and that was a while ago. Such a great experience! It was for author Deborah Blake and also featured debut author (at the time) Shannon Delany. Her book, 13 to Life, wasn't out yet, but I did ask her to sign one of her cards. It's inside my copy that I purchased later on.

    Enjoy your upcoming events and good luck with your new goals!

  7. Now you can say you met a DWTS contestant lol