Monday, February 21, 2011

Goals For the Week - 2/21/10

This week was busy. My life is busy. I feel like I never get anything done. 

Goals for the week of 2/14
*Continue to outline New Project while I wait for my feedback.
I didn't do this as much as I wanted to. My grandma's birthday party took up my whole weekend, and there was a lot of prep involved there, too. So I didn't do very much here.

*Continue taking even small opportunities to get things done. This needs to become a habit.
Sorta. I could have done better. But I'll cross it off anyway.

*Read another book. It's not that hard. I have awesome books checked out from the library, and I really want to get through them.
I actually read TWO books! Oooh, actually two and a HALF. Look how I went above and beyond that goal! I'm still only at 8 for the year, though. Compared to past years, that's downright embarrassing. 

*Use my day off on Friday to get some major work done - either on the outline or on my WIP, depending on if I have heard back from my readers.
Ugh. I did NOT do this, really. I mean, I got a lot done on Friday. But it wasn't writing. I read an entire book and then worked a lot on getting favor bags ready for the birthday party, and doing general last-minute preparations, which took way longer than I was expecting. (I'm really learning that EVERYTHING takes way longer than I expect. I need to start adjusting my expectations.)

Goals for the week of 2/21

* Be productive today (I have the day off) Do SOMETHING worth reporting about on this blog. Write. Revise. Outline. SOMETHING. Don't just sleep in and stare at the dog
*I got feedback from one reader, so I need to start implementing her changes and brainstorm on ways to move forward from where I am
*Continue outlining New Project
*Read another book...try to get to 10 books by the end of February
*Start thinking about a reasonable and REALISTIC timeline for finishing (really finishing) this book

I'm looking ahead to March and only two of my weekend days are still free. For the whole month. Baby shower. Book signing. Health expo. Chaperoning a dance. SCBWI retreat. That doesn't count the days I work. And I'm sure it's just a matter of time before those other days fill up, too. 

Guys, I love my life, but I'm exhausted. And over-stimulated. And DISTRACTED. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

And am I the only one who seems to take twice as long as I plan to actually get things done? 

Have a great week, everyone! Good luck with your own goals!


  1. Nope, not the only one. I do too! At my job, someone in my department left so we're all saddled with more work until a new person is hired. Which means I'm taking way longer to get to my grand weekend plans because work's crazy.

  2. You're not alone. I seem to have no free time lately. It really sucks!

  3. I've been so bad about writing lately. I'm going through a phase where I feel like it just sucks so hard, it's not even worth continuing. Lol. Have you ever felt like that? It's humbling, haha.
    Glad you are reading a lot of good stuff and had a great b-day party for G-ma! That's the good stuff.

  4. Oh no, you are not the only one.The faster I go the behinder I get. It's stressful. If you don't have kids, but you plan to...just wait. It gets even more impossible. *sigh* I have cut my sleeping down to 4-5 hours max and still can't get everything I need/want to get done.
    If you figure it out, please, PLEASE!, let me know.

    This is my first visit here. *waves hello* Nice to 'meet' you. :)

    Have a wonderful and productive week!