Monday, February 7, 2011

Goals for the Week - 2/7/10

Ok, so let's see how I did on my goals for the week.

Goals for the week of 1/31

* Send in my application for the SCBWI OC/IE Spring Retreat 
I forgot that I had to write a one-page synopsis for this! OMG, putting that synopsis together took so much time. I felt like I worked and worked and worked on it, but I am a wordy mofo, so fitting even the most basic plot of my 85K word ms (I know, I know) into one page was an impossible task. I finally just made the font smaller and called it a day. (I'm such a cheater.)

* Finish re-writing the scene in Ch 11 that has been giving me a hard time 
* Work Julie's comments into Ch 2
* Get some eyeballs on the revised Ch 1-11
I did none of these things. I have no real excuse. 

* Read at least one book
I started a book, and then I feel asleep. I have been the worst reader ever so far this year!

* Pay parking ticket that has my community college transcript on hold so I can finish MFA program application It turns out I didn't need to do this. I called to check - they only needed my BA transcript. So I didn't actually pay this, BUT I did finish and send off my MFA application! Yay!*

So my MFA program application ended up taking all of my free time this week. 


I know why. It's because I don't know how to go forward with revisions from where I am in my WIP and I just avoid, avoid, avoid. I say to myself, I only have 30 minutes right now. That's not enough time for me to get anything done. So I'll just sit here on Twitter for now, and I'll work on this when I have more time. And that happens every day for five days in a row, so if I would have just DONE IT, that's 2.5 hours that I could have actually gotten something done. 

I'm so embarrassed. This is terrible. 

Goals for the week of 2/7

*Finish reading this book. I have someone waiting for it, I need to stop lagging
*Take even small opportunities to write. Even if I have only a few minutes, that's still enough to revise a few paragraphs
*Continue with my goals to revise and send out ch 1-11
*Outline revisions for the rest of the ms

Hopefully these are doable goals. I have been realizing that everything I want to do takes at least twice as long as I anticipate, so I need to keep that in mind. 

Do you have any big goals this week? 

*If I never again mention the MFA program again, please don't bring it up. That will mean I didn't get in, and I won't want to talk about it, kay? 


  1. Ha ha...classic move. In college I always made the font smaller or margins thinner to fit into the page limit. Unlike normal college students who write in 14.5 font with 2-inch margins to make it fit. :)

    And I, like you, need to start using small bits of time when I have them. I feel like I need to wait until I have a good chunk. But I'm going to make your goal mine this week.

  2. I like your goal of taking even small opportunities to write. You're so right that even 20 minutes free each day can add up. Good luck with tackling that one!

  3. I think I just approach life as it comes at me. I don't really set weekly goals. Hmmm...a lifetime goal though is to manage my weight. Does that count?

  4. Right now I am writing 250 words per day (I'm technically supposed to be on hiatus while my WIP is being beta'd, but this new idea grabbed me). I'm enjoying it because it's no pressure, but I'm still seeing progress.

    Best of luck with this week's goals!

  5. Just to get back to writing. I've just been getting distracted.

    Case and point being...


  6. I am getting back on the horse, too, but probably not until after baby. I understand the frustration and shame. I'm right there. I blogged about it today, among other things!