Monday, March 21, 2011

Goals For the Week - 3/21/11

So, the week before was sucky and this past week was just BUSY. I had something on the calendar almost every single day, which left little time for accomplishing my goals. 

Let's see how I did. 

Goals for the week of 3/14
*Outline my WIP AGAIN with the changes suggested by my readers.
I did get a rough outline of how things are going to go now. There's going to be more of a mystery element, so I've been reading up on mystery plotting, which is fun. 

*Come up with adjusted timeline
I did this. I tried to make sure I left enough time for things that I know will take awhile. I have spring break coming up (two weeks off...yay!) so I'm really hoping to make some major progress then. 

*Finish writing new beginning
I didn't do this. I just haven't had much time to write at all. But I did re-write my query several times. You know, because that's important right now. 

*Read a book. Obvs.
I started Wildefire, but I didn't finish it. I was going to grab a short book to read really quickly just so I could cross this off, but that felt like cheating, so I didn't. 

Ugh. Rough week. Life can really be a time suck sometimes. 

Goals for the week of 3/21
*Read a book
*Finish writing new beginning
*Get new Ch 1 nailed down to take to SCBWI retreat this weekend for critique

This week isn't going to be as busy as last week was, but I'm losing a lot of the weekend to my local SCBWI retreat in Temecula. (I'll be blogging about this later.) The weekend is when I get most of my stuff done, so I'm not going to go too crazy with the goals.

I hope you all have a great week in the works! Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I keep forgetting so many of you are all located in the same area! Have fun at your conference, although I know it means that's more time away from your writing. But you'll find the time--it sounds like soon with two weeks off! Holy cow, that's an awesome break. Do you guys go year round, then? Just got Wildefire in the mail. Hoping to start it in the next few days!

  2. Great goals; You can totally do this! And I hope you get loads of great feedback at the conference.

  3. "Life can really be a time suck sometimes."

    Ugh, seriously. I spent the past month packing to move, moving, and unpacking. I really need some free time to just revise.

    Have fun at the conference!

  4. Good luck with your goals! It's such a struggle to find time for writing sometimes, and when it gets overwhelming, rewriting a query can be such a nice distraction :) Besides, it helps you find the focus in your story so it's totally productive!

  5. Good luck, Jessica! I totally agree with the time suck principle. I start every Monday off with a to do list that seems EASY to accomplish. I find myself at the end of the week and it's longer than what I started with.

    Writing, especially since it's hard to quantify it with time, if that makes any sense.

    Also, totes jealous about Wildefire!! I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy but REALLY want to!

    Have a blast at your conference :)

  6. Hey at least you got to cross off some stuff off the list. There are weeks that I don't get to cross anything off and that's a crappy feeling.

    You're doing awesome!