Monday, March 7, 2011

Goals For the Week - 3/7/11

Another week has passed already? Where did the time go? I feel like this year* is flying by at the speed of light, for real.

Goals for the week of 2/28
* Come up with a treasonable and REALISTIC timeline for finishing my WIP
Okay, I have a goal in mind. The end of the school year. I'm dealing with a lot of outside influences that are really impacting my ability to write right now. But given where I am and what I need to do, I think this is a reasonable expectation. I've set goals in the past that I haven't met, but it was because I just didn't realize how long things would take. I think I have a better grasp on that now, so I think I can handle this deadline. I'd also like to start querying once school is out. 

So, my first mini-goal on my timeline is to finish this round of rewrite/revision/whatever it is by the end of March. According to my calendar, I need to edit/rewrite/whatever 5.25 chapters per week to get done by the end of the month. We'll round that up to 6, just to stay a little bit ahead. 

* Read another book (It's silly that I need to keep making this a goal)
I was hoping to finish Stay by Deb Caletti, but the husband took the iPad with him to Vegas. (Clearly this means that I need my own. Right?) But I finished up listening to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on audio and I read So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti. As busy and distracted as I am, I think I can manage to read at least one book a week, so I think this is going to stay on the goals every week for the time being. 

* Tweak WIP outline for the second part of the story - REALLY need to do this
* Add detail to rough New Project outline
I didn't really do either of these things, but it's because I just sat down and actually wrote out new scenes! I'm so proud of myself. Sitting down and just DOING them really helped me break out of my funk. Now I have a better idea of how I want the second half to go, so outlining those changes will be easier. I guess I sort of have an outline in my head now.

Goals for the week of 3/7
*Read at least one book
*Per the timeline, edit ch 13-18. This involves writing a brand new chapter, so make sure to account for that, timing-wise.
*Use Mac Freedom while writing/editing to limit distractions

I think that's a pretty tall order, given my recent productivity, so I'm going to leave my goals small for the week to see how it goes. 

Have a great week everyone...and good luck with all of your goals!

*I just realized as I was filling in the title for this blog post that I have been listing all of my Goals posts as 2010. Wow. Where have I been? And how did I keep doing that week after week? I guess I just haven't accepted that it's 2011 yet. 


  1. How is Mac Freedom working out for you? I'm thinking about trying it.

    Good luck with your goals. I know it seems silly to add a "read a book", but sometimes you have to remind yourself. I find myself getting so caught up in revisions, I forget to read other stuff.

  2. Go go go! *waves pom poms*

    Also, I've been writing 2010 all year too... Sigh.