Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yay WriteOnCon!

I'm so excited that the dates for WriteOnCon have been announced!

August 16-18
Mark your calendars!

Don't know what WriteOnCon is? Check it out!

I'm such a conference hoor...I'm already really looking forward to participating again this year. And to celebrate the announcement of the dates, the lovely ladies of WriteOnCon have partnered up with a bunch of agents to give away EIGHT amazing query critiques. Check out their page for the details. 

Did you participate in WriteOnCon last year? Are you planning on checking it out this year?


  1. That's so cool that it's online! Though I'm not a children's writer I can see why those who are would be totally psyched.

  2. I DID participate last year--and I'll def check it out again this year. Those girls are freaking awesome for putting all of this together!

  3. Loved it and looking forward to this year's conference!

  4. It was great last year. I can't believe how big it is already!!!

  5. I loved last year's Write On Con and I'm so excited for this year's too. And those prizes are so great.