Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Love - Stay

Clara’s relationship with Christian is intense from the start, and like nothing she’s ever experienced before. But what starts as devotion quickly becomes obsession, and it’s almost too late before Clara realizes how far gone Christian is--and what he’s willing to do to make her stay.

Now Clara has left the city—and Christian—behind. No one back home has any idea where she is, but she still struggles to shake off her fear. She knows Christian won’t let her go that easily, and that no matter how far she runs, it may not be far enough....

I always forget how much I love Deb Caletti's writing. I really need to get off of my butt and read every single one of her books.

This newest one of hers was excellent.

The book is goes back and forth between Clara now, hiding from Christian, and Clara as she gets to know him and fall for him. Because of this structure, you really get to see what led her into this dangerous relationship and why she stayed in it for so long. You see the slow progression of Christian's obsession as well as the result...Clara and her dad far away from their home to keep Clara safe. The other cool thing about the just know that the two stories are going to intersect. You just don't know when or how, and I SWEAR, my heart was beating overtime while reading this book. I was so scared for Clara. I was scared to turn the page. Just like her, I didn't know what to expect from Christian.

As for the writing, Deb Caletti really has a way of capturing a pitch-perfect teen voice in a literary way. Her teen voice is never a shallow one, never a stupid one. This book is full of gorgeous writing, but Clara never seems inaccessible or older than her age. She seems like exactly what she is supposed to be...a smart teen girl who is struggling with an impossible situation. I read this book on my iPad, but had it been an actual ARC, my copy would have been sticky noted and highlighted because there were so many fantastic metaphors that I just drooled over.

Stay is such an honest portrayal of an obsessive relationship, and it's also an honest look at the relationship between a parent and a child who is almost an adult. I loved the relationship between Clara and her dad, as complicated and real as it was. If you're looking for a contemporary YA with a little more depth and some awesome writing, this is your book.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster Galley Grab for the e-galley


  1. That sounds really good. I love the idea of the two story lines that intersect. I need to add this to my TBR list.

  2. This does sound excellent, yay for another great YA writer!

  3. Wow. This is the 3rd review of STAY that I've seen today. I guess I'm meant to read this one! :-)

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  5. This one sounds like it's right up my ally. I have HONEY, BABY, SWEETHEART sitting in my To-Read pile, and it looks like I'll be adding STAY as well. Thanks, Jessica!

  6. Pardon me: my ALLEY, not ALLY. :)

  7. We've talked about this one already but I find myself STILL thinking about how it made me feel. Very powerful!

  8. I've read every single one of her books and love them all! She's one of my favorite writers. :)