Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Five!

1. Last week I went to LA and auditioned for a game show. You can read about the experience over on my buddy Wan's blog if you are interested. I was super stoked that Wan invited me to attend the audition with her, and I was even more stoked that I was on Spring Break and could spend an afternoon in LA without any worries. There were THREE book questions on the initial trivia quiz (one about Harry Potter, one about Moby Dick, and one about Stephen King) and then quite a few in the part of the audition where they had us playing the trivia game one on one against each other. One of the questions was even about The Princess Diaries...the book not the movie! Go YA!

Hopefully my random knowledge of strange things will get me on this show...mama needs some money! Keep your fingers crossed for me! (And for Wan!)

2. Speaking of random knowledge of strange things...the other day a song from my childhood popped into my head. Suddenly I found myself singing the entire chorus in my head, even though I haven't heard it in well over 20 years. (OMG, that makes me sound so freaking old. *sob*)

I decided to Google it to see what it was from. I typed some of the lyrics into Google and...nothing. NOTHING. The only thing that came up was where someone quoted it to someone else in a myspace comment from 2007. THAT'S IT.

And it made me wonder...if you Google something and nothing comes up, does that thing actually exist? Did it ever exist? If this song isn't mentioned anywhere on the internet, did I ever really hear it?

Anyway, here are the lyrics I remember, just in case someone out there has heard it and can solve this mystery for me. I had it on a cassette and I think it had a storybook that went with was almost like a little audio book. The song is from the POV of a dog, and I think he was on some sort of adventure with his master. It also may have been from my church, but I don't remember for sure.

I don't growl, I don't bite
I just do what is rrrr-ight (this sounded like a little bark)
I keep a-waggin' my tail
I keep my nose on the trail
If I'm a-runnin' along and
I'm a-barkin' my song
I won't have to growl the blues no more

The song OBVIOUSLY exists because I remember these lyrics and this person in England posted them on myspace. Does this ring a bell to anyone else? It's such a huge mystery to me right now.

3. Thanks for all of your comments yesterday about my question about blog replies. I'm currently replying to all of my comments via email...this works for me because I like to reply to blog comments at work during down time and gmail is an easy way to do that. Plus most blog platforms are blocked at my school, so visiting other blogs is impossible when I'm there. I do need to get to everyone's blog more often, though...especially because not everyone has an email address attached to their Blogger profile.

I just like interacting with the people who come over here to say hi. That's the best part of blogging, IMO. Hopefully I'll figure out the best way to do it!

4. I haven't read a book in almost a month. I'm so ashamed. I have SO MANY good books surrounding me, and I just look at them and keep sitting on the couch. I guess my other WIP wasn't the only thing I needed to take a break from this month. Hopefully I get back in my groove soon...I have some ARCs here that I need to pass on to my friends. Don't want to keep them waiting.

What do you do to snap yourself out of a reading rut? I really need to shake this off.

5. I've had this window open for hours, trying to come up with a #5. I started to talk about Jason Segel, Greg Laswell, Glee, my dog, and work. I deleted all of them, thinking that something better would come up. But nothing did, and #5 remained empty. (I even moved #5 up to #1 and moved everything else down for a hot minute there.) The crappy thing is, I wanted to finish this post before I moved on to writing, so NOTHING HAS GOTTEN DONE as I waited for inspiration to strike.

I seriously hate this about myself. My focus on tasks is SO WEIRD.

So, here we go. Jason Segel is #1 on my laminated celebrity freebie list, I saw Greg Laswell at a bar down the street from me last week with my girlfriends and I took a picture with him, I never blogged about the live Glee Q&A I went to awhile back and I still need to do that, I love my dog and sing to him often, and my problem 6th period has seemed to have a strange turnaround and has suddenly become...not bad.


Now I'm off to write.



  1. Good luck with getting on that game show. I love when I do trivia and it's something I've read about!

    When I'm in a reading rut, I try to read something maybe by an author I love so much or even something light and fun. How about a Hunger Games re-read?

  2. That's awesome there were so many book-related questions. I always love it when books are the theme on jeopardy too. Always so fun.

  3. That sucks with the lyrics, but what's worse is trying to find a book you can't remember using keywords on google. it just does not work

  4. Speaking of reading, Possession is on its way to you! It was too heavy for First Class so it went Media Mail.

    That's awesome about the game show! My fingers are crossed for you!!!

  5. Strange song and good luck with the game show. Win some moneys!

  6. I hope you make it to the game show!

  7. I just did a search on those same lyrics and this page was the only relevant result. I know the song came from some Christian music albums for kids. It was either a Music Machine or Bullfrogs and Butterflies album. I've seen discographies from them but none contain it. I remember a bit more of the song:
    When the goin' gets tough and I'm feelin' kinda down
    When I'm all alone and there's no one else around
    When I don't know what to do and I start to feelin' blue
    Well this is what I learned to do
    I don't growl I don't bite I just do what is right
    I keep a-waggin' my tail I keep my nose on the trail
    And I'm a runnin' along and I'm ba-arkin' my song
    And I don't have to howl the blues no more

  8. It's from Nathaniel The Grublet...

    I found your blog because I was searching for the lyrics myself!