Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Rocked The Drop!

Today is Teen Lit Day and the lovely ladies at Readergirlz have helped promote Rocking The Drop!

I took Gunner out to Rock The Drop with me and we headed across the street to the local high school...where I was met with a totally empty parking lot. Dang, they were on Spring Break. I thought I had seen a bunch of them walking home from school, but I guess that was last week. I didn't want to drop my book on an empty campus, so I needed a Plan B.

I had already been planning on grabbing lunch at this gathering of food trucks that happens every Thursday. I never get to go because of work, so I wanted to take advantage of my time off and hit it up. I went last week and got a bacon grilled cheese sandwich, and I really wanted to try something new today. I figured I would try to come up with Plan B while I was nomming on my food truck food.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find the food truck gathering crawling with teens! I guess they had the same idea as me...use Spring Break to hit up the food trucks! Since I was there, I decided it would be a perfect place to Rock The Drop.

Gunner was a little confused about what we were doing...and he couldn't figure out why I kept trying to get him to pose with a book.
He's usually really good about posing...I guess there were so many smells at the food trucks that he just couldn't concentrate on much else.

Of the eight food trucks there, I figured the French Fry Truck was the one most likely to attract teens, so I snuck up to it, dropped my book, snapped a quick picture, and then took off.

And, in case you're wondering, I ate at the crepe truck today...I got a savory crepe and a Nutella crepe! YUM!

Did anyone else Rock The Drop today?


  1. yay-awesome stuff!! I bet the perfect person will find it and love it.

    Ps-crepes are my absolute favorite thing! I love them all, savory-yummmm. But especially banana, strawberry and nutella, omg

  2. I love that you involved the puppy. I should have brought the boys but I wanted to hit the teen spots before the vacated.