Monday, May 30, 2011

Looking Forward To Summer

I love holiday weekends! Right now, instead of trying desperately to get my squirrley students to pay attention to the symbolism in The Great Gatsby*, I'm sleeping in, taking Gunner to the dog park, and generally being a layabout. I love it.

School is out on June 16th! Wheee!

Over my summer break I am...

~taking a class where I spend 150 hours planning and organizing my curriculum for next year
~working as much as possible at Job 2
~HOPEFULLY traveling to Querylandia
~HOPEFULLY starting my new project
~being a kick-ass bridesmaid in my bff's wedding
~being a kick-ass guest at a really fun wedding
~going on a girls' weekend to Vegas with some of my besties
~going to SCBWI LA
~going to Costa Rica with my family to celebrate my mom's retirement

And as long as I have a teaching job waiting for me, I have just a little over 2 months for all of this fun to take place. Yeah, not the most relaxing summer ever, but when is anything I do ever RELAXING? You know how I roll...I just like to have as much fun as I possibly can. You'll never hear me complain about being bored.

So this Lazy Monday may be one of the few days in the next few months that I just have NOTHING to do...and I'm living it up. I hope you're doing the same.

Happy Memorial Day...and thank you to all of our troops and veterans (including my dad and my grandpa, a WWII POW) for all you do.

* I'm glad my students haven't pulled this graphic out on me yet


  1. *snort* Love that graphic!

    Your summer sounds amazing. I'll be reading in the sun while my kiddo plays in my backyard all summer, so yeah... think of me while you're traveling and having all kinds of fun at weddings and SCBWI LA!

  2. I love that. It reminds me of university. :)

    Sounds like you have a fun summer just waiting to happen! I hope you enjoy it! Wow - Costa Rica!!

  3. You have a LOT to look forward to lovely girl :)
    Costa Rica?!? wowza!!! lucky lady!

  4. So glad I found your blog! Love the graphic. Sounds like you deserve an awsome summer.