Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Five! (4)

1. Today is my last Friday of the school year! Graduation is next Thursday, and then I'm off for the summer. YAY! I'll be spending this weekend doing my usual frantic last minute's always a fun time of year. But then next week it will be SUMMER! I'm so excited. I foresee lots of time with the fuzzy boy at the dog park and lots of cozy working lunches at Panera.

2. I had a meeting last night with one of my CPs. She is totally amazing and super talented, and I always feel like she helps me way more than I help her. Does anyone else feel like their CP got the short end of the stick with you? Or is that just me and my raging insecurities? I swear, I leave her house every week with so much more insight into my pages, but I can't help but feel that my feedback for her sucks in comparison.

3. Can we talk about my boyfriend Jason Segel for a minute? Why why WHY do none of the gym teachers at my school look like him? WHY? (I'm referring to the upcoming movie Bad Teacher, where he prances his hotness around in track pants and makes references to his balls.)

And have you guys seen the trailer for the new Muppet movie? That he wrote? And stars in? I mean, my god.

You GUYS. I am so in love. It's really a little ridiculous. I'm sort of convinced that if Jason Segel and I randomly run into each other at a bar in LA that we will have an instant connection and sort of halfway be in love after like 15 minutes of conversation. Does that make me completely delusional? (Don't answer that.) (But it would totally happen, right?)

(I seriously love's a problem.)

4. I don't really watch a ton of TV (or movies for that matter, unless they star Jason Segel), but I'm hoping to do a rewatch of two of my favorite TV shows this summer - Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. Of course, I mentioned this on Twitter last night and Shana Silver insisted that if I am doing any watching of any TV series that I need to make it Buffy.

Yeah, it's true, I've never seen Buffy. Well, I have seen one episode, the musical episode. But besides that? Nada. I don't know where I was hiding in the 90s, but I managed to avoid it all this time. I think part of it is because I saw the original Buffy movie in the theater and always associated the two, and part of it is because back when I had darker hair people told me ALL THE TIME that I looked like Sarah Michelle Gellar. (I NEVER thought I did...maybe just because we both have slightly wonky noses?) So maybe I found that annoying and avoided the show? I don't know.

So, I will TRY to watch all of these over the summer. But, really, I'm not sure who I am kidding. I still have all of the second season of Pretty Little Liars on my DVR...and the third season is about to start next week. I'm just not a TV person.

5. I just finished reading one of my all-time favorite books with my students - The Great Gatsby. Since we're done, I now get to show them all of the fun Gatsby stuff floating around the internet.

There's this video game.

There are these comics:
(Click to make big)

And then there is my favorite, this EPIC song. Even if you don't know and love Gatsby, you won't be able to get this song out of your head, I promise.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


  1. I've been a muppet fan my whole life! I can't wait for the movie. (yes, I am five years old)

    I can't believe you've never watched Buffy! I feel like I can't even be your friend anymore! :-)


    I'm doing a Buffy watch this summer, having watched V*Mars for the first time during the semester. It's good, but interspersing it with Angel is making the endeavor take FORever.

  3. I'm seriously glad I'm not the only one who obsesses over random famous men that I've never met. I feel *slightly* less crazy.

    I love that you posted about Buffy here.

  4. Muppets Take Manhattan! BEST ONE

  5. Those Gatsby bits and pieces are cool! I loved Buffy, it was my favourite show for a long time. Guess I know where my love of urban fantasy came from!

  6. Great post! I love Hark A Vagrant.

    I've also never seen Buffy. I think it's time to change that...

  7. I stopped watching Buffy in Season 5 but it's still a great show!

    My goal for the summer is to finally read The Great Gatsby! I feel like I am somehow missing out on something fabulous.

    Jason Segel ftw...but you already knew that.

  8. I think we should get the whole internet to do a Buffy rewatch this summer.It will be epic.

    Also, I consider this blog post a WRITTEN CONTRACT that you will watch this summer. No excuses. I will watch with you if you want!

    Know that the first season isn't all that great. Stick with it, it improves VASTLY in season 2. (Coincidentally, that's when Spike arrives! Okay, not coincidentally.)

    And the show is NOTHING like the movie.

    And that muppet movie looks awesome!!!