Monday, June 6, 2011

On Austin and Changes

I spent the weekend in Austin, Texas for my best friend's bachelorette party and YOU GUYS, I had the best time ever.

I had heard that Austin was a rad city, and I had a feeling I would love it, but I had no idea I would fall in love with it from minute one and not want to leave. Man, do I love that place. I am already planning my return trip. For serious. It's like it was made for me. Well, it's like it was made for 24 year old Jess, but 30*something* year old Jess can still totally appreciate its awesome.

And man do I miss my bff. She moved to the east coast about 5 years ago and I miss her like crazy. So it was the best to have a girls' weekend with her, our friends from sorority, and even her friends from now and her future SIL.

Yeah, I wore cowboy boots. And I rocked them like a hurricane. When in Texas, right?

I have to admit that since bff moved away that my life has changed a bit. Without her as my right arm here in CA, I needed a new core group of friends, and I met and bonded with my nestie besties*. My new friends will never in a zillion years touch my friendship with bff, and I wish she didn't have to move away for me to bond with them. but I love them dearly and love that they are now a part of my life. And since the time she left I got more into my internet life, more into reading, and way, way more into writing.

I don't feel like a different person. I just feel like me. But when I hang out with bff, who I just don't see as often as I would like, I'm reminded that I AM different than I used to be. I do things that confuse her (like obsessively checking my twitter for the latest #YAsaves tweets and blogs that popped up over the weekend) and trying to explain why I am glued to my phone during her bachlorette party is a little difficult. "Well, this WSJ article called YA books dark." Yeah, I wouldn't really get it either.

I will say that it was nice to have the weekend free of book and writing talk. I was thinking about my WIP and writing and books and everything constantly, because that's what I do. But I didn't even read on the plane! I got screwdrivers with my friends and laughed and had fun, and from Friday to Sunday I didn't even talk about books or writing at all. It was a little weird, but it was also a lot nice.

So while it's awesome that I have these friends I hang out with now who know me as the YA queen and ask me for book recs and talk to me about my writing, it's also sort of cool to know that I have these other people in my life, people I adore hanging out with, people who are a big part of me, who know that I read and know that I write, but also have this entire shared history with me and know that I am so much more than that**.

Anyway, I had a killer time in Austin. We ate BBQ, we went out on a sailboat on Lake Travis, we danced the night away to live music. I didn't read, I didn't write, I didn't blog, I only tweeted about the party and my Austin love. It was a really, really awesome weekend.

And now I'm back to real life. Two weeks of school left. Waiting on pins and needles to hear back from my readers. Mulling over my ms. A weekend away from real life was fun, but reality has to kick in at some point.

I'm glad to be back. I hope you had an awesome weekend, too.

*If you don't know, don't worry about it ;-)

**Not that my current group of friends thinks that that's what I'm all about. You guys know what I mean. "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold" and all that crap.


  1. Hey Jess,

    I live in San Antonio (about an hour south of Austin as the crow flies), and visit A-Town as often as I can. Truly a cool place. (If anything in South Texas can really be "cool" that is--it has been crazy hot already this year!) If you can't have a good time in Austin, you just can't have a good time.

    Glad you had fun in our big ol' state! :-)


  2. Jess,

    We almost had the same weekend--without the screwdrivers.

    I spent mine with old friends at a disability conference, so they know me from a totally different facet than most of my friends. Honestly, moments of it were hard. We're younger and we're all evolving SO much faster. But it was nice to remember I have people in all different parts of my life.

  3. Ooh, sounds like a fabulous trip! Love the picture; either your bff is tiny or you're supermodel tall!

    Isn't it nice to have a few days completly free of writing/book talk? Like you, I'm always thinking about these things, but it's refreshing to escape the constant chatter every now and then. :)

  4. So glad you had such a fantastic trip! You look amazing in those boots, you have legs for days!
    I am 1000 miles away from my BFFs too and it sucks hard. So glad you were able to enjoy some great time with your girl!!

  5. *We know. Don't worry. (I'm putting myself in this group, even if you aren't. Like how I invited myself??)

    **It's so hard to have different groups of friends, but at the same time a really positive thing, because it brings out really great different parts of your personality.