Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday - Fire!

It's time for another Road Trip Wednesday, a blog carnival hosted by the lovely ladies of YA Highway.
This week's question: 

Your house is on fire & you can only grab 5 things. What are they?

1. Gunner

No doubt...the very first thing I grab is my precious dog. How could I leave this sweet face behind?

2. My Mac

AKA my right arm. I would probably die a slow death without it, so of course it's on the list.

3. My external hard drive

I know this isn't a particularly sexy or interesting choice, but I have everything since 2004 (minus the great HD Fail of 2008) on there, so it's important for me to grab.

4. Some books

Obviously I couldn't grab both of my big shelves, but I'd probably get a bag and toss some of my favorites and signed copies in there.

5. Jewelry from my grandparents

Not my grandpa's stuff, but it looks similar

I don't have a ton of nice jewelry, but I have some special pieces that my grandfather made me (he used to make beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry and I have some of the most beautiful handmade pieces you will find) and some pretty things from both of my grandmothers. That stuff can't be replaced, so I'd have to grab it.

Making this list made me realize that I'm not very attached to my stuff. Or that I don't have very nice stuff. One or the other. 

So, what would you grab?


  1. Daughter, cell phone, laptop, at least 5 of my signed books, and lip gloss in case of hot firemen.

    Maybe I don't have nice stuff either.

  2. Everyone's post says laptop! It's so funny! But Jessica, you are smart and have an external hard drive. I am impressed and inspired by your data backing-up prowess.

    Also, Tameka is my new favorite person for the lip gloss comment.

  3. ohmygosh - I love the pic of Gunner - so cute!!!

    And I would like to see one writer who doesn't say laptop. Or hard drive. Or flash drive. :)

  4. Like you, I realised writing this that I'm not that materialistic. As long as myself, my husband and my dog are safe, I don't mind. Getting my netbook out would be a bonus.

  5. I love your dog! So cute! That jewelry is gorgeous. I especially love the green turquoise one in the back row with a flower-like arrangement of stones.

  6. My cats, definitely. Does that count as one or two? Computer, the wine bottle guestbooks from my wedding, and our personal docs like passports, marriage license, birth certs and social security cards. All of that (except the cats) is on our path to the front door, so I hope I could sweep it up pretty quickly and get out safe!

  7. I love silver & turquoise! If I had that jewelry, I'd save it, too.

  8. :) I also said my laptop, a bag of books, and jewelry from my parents. I assumed my puppy would be on my heels like he always is.