Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday is Writing Day

Monday is my writing day. It's the day I set aside for making goals and working on my writing. I have chat with my writing group, I meet with my CP. I really focus on Mondays.

I'm really pumped about today...I'm going to get some WORK done today.

Maybe I'll go to Panera, my favorite writing cave, and camp out there for a few hours. But I feel bad leaving my Gunner Boy at home all alone when I don't have to, so maybe I'll get all set up in my bed and spread out with the dog.

I hate that I have so many things competing for my attention. I have the doggy, of course. I also have a great book or 25 (I'm currently reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer), I have this curriculum class I'm taking that I have NOT done sufficient work on yet. I have Season 1 of Buffy, which Shana Silver has challenged me to watch because I've never seen it. And I have my bed, which urges me to nap within its comfy folds.

But not today. Not this Monday. I WILL KICK MY WIP'S BUTT TODAY.


  1. Go go go!!!

    Also, my CP Cristin has forced me to watch Buffy since I'd never seen it either... We're on season 4 (I think?) and it's kinda cool :) Plus, it seems like to be a YA writer you HAVE to have watched it, lol.

  2. BUFFY!!!! Just know that Season 1 is probably my least fave. Stick with it though. It was still finding its footing in season 1 and really gets into the groove part way through season 2. Coincidentally, season 2 is when Spike shows up!!! Season 2 is AMAZING, probably my favorite season ever on TV and that's compared to season 1 of Veronica Mars and all of My So-Called Life. So...stick with it!!!