Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Is Slipping Away

I've been a really lazy blogger these past few weeks. I'm just feeling like I have nothing to say, and I've been out trying to enjoy my summer as much as I can. It's weird because I've only been off for a few weeks, but I already feel like my summer is over. I can't explain why, but I mentioned this to one of my fellow teachers and she said she feels the same way. I guess I'm just thinking ahead to the things I have going on (Vegas, SCBWI LA, Costa Rica) and realizing that when those things are over, work starts up again. Yikes!

In writing news, I got some awesome feedback on my WIP and I am hard at work on revisions. I'm a little overwhelmed by the scope of the changes I need to make, so I'm going through and doing the easy stuff first, then making a big list of all of the harder things.

My biggest note? My MC whines too much. Ooops. I guess she got that from her mama. I am a First Class Whiner, and I guess that snuck in a bit too much without me realizing it.

In other random stories, I had a bit of a WTF moment yesterday. I've been going to parties on the peninsula in Newport Beach for 4th of July since I was about 23. I decided a while ago that I was too old for that scene, but then the husband's friend moved into this killer house right on the bay, so we keep finding ourselves down there on the 4th. Well, yesterday there was this underage party raging next door to our friend's house...and it turns out one of my former students was actually AT the party. Luckily this was just a former summer school student...I only knew him for six weeks and it was about four years ago, so he didn't recognize me like I did him. But I think having a former student show up at the party next door is pretty much all the evidence I needed that I am indeed way too old to be partying on the peninsula.

Gunner had a good time, though.


  1. Good luck with your revisions! I get what you mean about summer slipping away. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time off. :)

  2. Gunner looks adorable showing off his patriotic pride!

  3. I used to live in Hampton, VA, and we also had friends who owned a place on the peninsula so I did my own share of parties there. I remember stepping out of their patio door right into the sand. Good memories.