Monday, August 8, 2011

SCBWI LA Recovery

SCBWI LA totally fed my soul and inspired the crap out of me, but OH MY GOODNESS I am so exhausted. This social introvert has had all the energy sucked out of her and needs some time to recharge.
Me and Laurie Halse Anderson!

Me, my lovely friends, and Libba Bray!
(My cell phone battery is so bright, I get overexposed in almost every picture. The fun of being a white girl.)

I'll leave you with some links to the SCBWI Team Blog recaps of some of the major keynotes and breakout sessions that I loved. Check these out to get a sense of the killer inspiration that I had the pleasure of experiencing this week. 

Laurie Halse Anderson's breakout session on living a creative life <--- This was THE session for me. It spoke to me in ways I can't even explain

I'm still hanging around the hotel today, even though I'm not participating in the intensives that are going on. I so need this day of recovery...and time to get going on my writing, since I'm now feeling so inspired.


  1. Teachers don't get paid enough and are under appreciated, I love your blog and look forward to reading more..check out my blog sometime if you get the chance.
    I need some followers bad..LOL

  2. Aw, seems like you had a great time. Cool beans :)

    From a newb follower

  3. So glad you had such a fantastic time! I love the pep talk by Libba Bray--very inspiring. I hope you got everything you wanted and more out of this conference, seems like you did-yay!!

  4. So glad to hear you had a great time! I can't wait to go next year. I will definitely check out these links. :)

  5. Again, I'm super jealous, but I'm glad you had a great time!

    I gave you the Liebster Blog Award. The details are in this post:

  6. Oh my freaking goodness! I'm so jealous! Sounds like you had a great time. I went three years ago when I first started writing and it changed my whole concept of writing and the world.

  7. Ooh, thanks for sharing! I'm so envious of everyone who was at the conference. The authors chosen to speak were so impressive. I would have given my right arm to see Judy Blume!

  8. I'm so jealous, but thanks for sharing all this wonderfulness. I'm checking out Libba Bray's sucky draft post, because I just wrote one. Needs major cleanup

    Awesome stuff, Jessica! Good luck with school in a couple weeks!