Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: Spotify

Has anyone else out there had the chance to check out Spotify yet? I am so in love with it!

If you haven't heard of Spotify, it's a music app that came from the UK and has just made its way over here to the US. It's invite only right now, and if you go to Spotify.com you can enter your email and request an invite.

So, basically Spotify lets you listen to pretty much any album or music track from any computer for free.

Yeah. Amazing, right?

You can also sync it to your iTunes library so you can access the music on your computer from anywhere, too. And if you upgrade to the premium you can even get to your music and the Spotify music from your phone. So literally any music anywhere.

It's also fun because you can share playlists with other users.

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That's my profile page...it says I'm sharing 12 playlists. I have a few setlists from shows I've been to and loved (I always do that with my favorite shows...look up the setlist and make a playlist of it), Maggie Stiefvater's playlists for Shiver and Linger (they are KILLER if you guys haven't listened to them), and a few other random ones. 

Here's the playlist of mine that I'm listening to right this very minute. I have it shared on my profile. It's called Your Ghost. (Does anyone else give their playlists titles?)

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I had a few albums I wanted my friend Erin to listen to, so I made a playlist on Spotify and shared it with her. She subscribed to it, so she'll be able to follow it when I add new stuff for her.

I'm still trying to figure out everything it can do, but so far I am having the best time playing around with it. It's really fun to be able to listen to pretty much anything, and it's a really easy way to try out new music!

I think the real test will be when I go back to work and see if the app works from school! Pretty much everything music related is blocked for us there, but this is NEW. They don't know about it yet! If I can have Spotify at my desk I will be the happiest teacher on the block.

Is anyone else on Spotify? If you are, look me up! I'm jessrlove (put spotify:user:jessrlove in the search box) and I'd love to share playlists with you!


  1. Ah! Unfortunately this is blocked for me at work (where I do most of my blog reading) but I will definately check this out! Do you have the ability to invite others, too?

  2. So I played around with Spotify when I got home from work and I'm really excited because I can now access thousands of my own purchased songs that iTunes told me were "corrupted files" a few years ago. Turns out that all those old files are still on my computer and Spotify can play them! Yay! This totally makes my day! :) My username on Spotify is Super_Librarian (I'm not too creative with new usernames hehe).

  3. I've heard of this and need to sign up ASAP. It's an awesome concept. I'll definitely find you once I create my profile. :)

    BTW, I just gave you an award on my blog!