Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Five (11)

1. I am exhausted. This was my first full week back at work and it just about killed me. It's not like I spent my summer just lazing around...I worked at my other job 3-4x a week and that's a pretty active job. But this year I am teaching zero period, so there is just something about having a classroom of students at 7:30am that is just wiping me out. Plus every other day I teach straight from 7:30 - 2:30 with only a 30 min break for lunch. The other day I get ample breaks, but I'm so wiped from the long day that I haven't been able to recover fully.
This is what my week has looked like so far:
Monday: Long, exhausting day, email CP Julie and cancel meeting, fall asleep on couch for 2 hours, moan on couch until bedtime
Tuesday: Easier day, but still exhausted. Get home early, take 1 hr nap on couch, work Job 2 until 10pm
Wednesday: Long, exhausting day, after school meeting, hair appt, errands, finally get home at 7:30pm, fall asleep by 9pm
Thursday: Easier day, but still exhausted, even after all of the sleep. Errands, nap, dinner w/ friends where I try not to pass out on my plate
I'm really hoping I will adjust to this schedule and being back in the classroom soon. I am completely useless right now. I have seriously never been this worn out at the beginning of the year. What's wrong with me?
2. Oh, let's add to that the fact that I am sick...AGAIN. I swear, my immune system is on sabbatical. I never used to get all that sick, but in the past year I have had THREE sickness that have lasted an entire month. So that means I have spent 1/4 of the past year sick. Nice.
I need to get to the doctor, but, well, see #1 above. I know I need to make my health my priority but it's so difficult when I don't even have the time to call my mom or vacuum my house.
3. Needless to say, I have done JACK on my WIP. I'm sad because I was so pumped about outlining my changes and getting everything all fixed and making it awesome, and then SCHOOL HAPPENED and all of the energy and drive got sucked right out of me. I'm so sad about this. I just wanted to get this outlined and jump into fixing it and I don't even have the energy or brain power to open the computer much less think and be productive. I'm really hoping that I'll get some good rest this weekend and be able to bust through this.
4. Oh, speaking of work, I had a total high school moment at our staff meeting on Wednesday. I got to our meeting early and saw a friend of mine from the English department at a table, but as I was walking over to sit with her, this woman who talks a lot and is generally a bit coo-coo sat down next to her. I was way too tired to deal with her, so I just went to an empty table and waited for my work bff to show up. Well, the staff filed in, the tables filled up, and NO ONE CAME TO SIT AT MY TABLE. Not a single person. No one even approached my table to sit with me. People were pulling chairs up to full tables and squeezing in, and no one even considered sitting with me.
I couldn't believe it. When work bff finally showed up she looked at my empty table in a sea of full tables and just laughed. Yeah, the two of us may be a little cliquey, but we are NICE and FRIENDLY. Finally the band director sat with us. Better than no one, I guess.
I need to make more friends at work, apparently.
5. I think it goes without saying that I am pumped for this three day weekend. I don't have any plans besides recovering on the couch (and hopefully dragging my sick butt to the Dr), but it's going to be a GLORIOUS time of sitting. I plan on enjoying every second. And hopefully cracking open that outline.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone! <3


  1. I can't believe you work two jobs. That is just insane. And probably reflects how teachers should be paid way more. WTF California, WTF.

  2. i've head this craziness of working two jobs in America. Do you guys have the same biological makeup as the rest of us. You must be super human. LOL

  3. I agree with Wendy, I've no idea where you all get the energy!

  4. It can be hard doing a WIP when you are so busy. It's ok to give yourself some time to adjust!

  5. in Senior English I sat at a corner desk at the front. The desks behind and next to me were empty. It was my island...

    Feel better, dear!

  6. I can't imagine working like that! No wonder you are sick all the time. Your body needs a break.

    What's zero period? Is that like homeroom or something?

  7. OMG, I work at a school, too and #4 happens ALL THE TIME to me! And I'm the counselor, so I would hope that I just ooze friendliness, but there are times when people find the most uncomfortable places to sit than with me. Odd, because we try to be a positive role model for our students. Sorry you're sick again, hon! :(

  8. Hope you feel better soon, and that the long weekend is everything you want it to be. Every time somebody mentions that this is a three-day weekend, I get excited, no matter how many times I've already been reminded.

  9. Ugh, I can't even begin to imagine working two jobs. I work weekends while I'm in school, and that is killer enough...

    I hope you feel better soon! =(

  10. I'm worried about you. Maybe you are tired because you are sick. Or maybe you are sick because you are stretched to thin. Could be a vicious cycle. Plus, when school starts back there could be exposure to low grade viruses.

    I taught school for only 1 year. --That one year doesn't compare to your committed career in teaching. And I was lucky that I didn't have to have a 2nd job at that time. That year I got broncitis that lingered for so long. It can't be a coincidence.

    The schedules that the school created were exhausting. Being "on" with back to back classes is very difficult. I really feel for you having a 7:30 to 2:30 back to back schedule. When I taught I desparately wanted more time between classes so that I could finalize my notes about the class that just finished and set the tone for the next class. The schedule that they had for us left absolutely zero time during the school day for grading OR for planning. Both have to be done "after work". As I said, I only taught for one year. I think that if I had continued teaching each year would get easier becuase the lesson plans could be recycled.

    Anyway, good thoughts are coming your way.

  11. Hehe, I guess school is school no matter what your role in it :) Don't worry about the WIP lack of progress though, everyone has to juggle. I'm not looking forward to being back at uni and having actual obligations again.

  12. I'd sit next to you. Although I don't want to catch your cold. :) Hang in there, you will find your balance. Yoga? Breathe...

  13. Just realised I missed the follow bit. How you having a relaxed weekend.

  14. Hope you feel better soon! I've had three colds this year, too, and the third is happening as we speak. Ugh. Come on, immune system!

  15. Aww, sorry to hear that you're sick. I hope you're at least getting to rest up and enjoy your weekend.

    And what's up with your coworkers?! I'd totally sit with you. :)

  16. Hahahaha! Your post had me LOLing because I KNOW. I was so wiped, I slept most of Saturday (and felt utterly useless), and I didn't even work a full week.

    But you also know it gets easier. You'll adjust, and before long you'll be able to devote time to the WIP. And get better! Being sick is no fun.

    Hope you have a less tiring week!

  17. It took me 3 weeks from the beginning of school until I could return to my writing routine. Yikes. Now I have 34 essays sitting on my desk to read. I hear my writing time whimpering.