Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five (12)

1. I hit up the Borders closing sale again, this time to stock up on some books for my classroom library.

First I got this over the weekend at 60% off
13 books, 6 hardcovers, for only $70-ish. Thanks to my mom for her generous donation to my classroom library. She loves to hook my students up with awesome reads.

Then I went back yesterday and got this at 80% off
11 books, 3 hardcovers, only $27. YOWZA.

I sure hope my students love all of these new reads!

(And, yes, I have the most amazing classroom library EVER, in case you were wondering.)

2. I'm still super bummed over the closing of Borders. I went to B&N and got one of their memberships...and I totally felt dirty about it. I'm such a Borders girl. I feel like a little piece of myself is going away with the closing of these stores. Bye, Borders! You have been awesome to me! I'll miss you!

3. We had a bit of a heat wave this week in southern California. Holy Moses was it hot in my neck of the woods. 105-ish where I teach, and close to 90 at my place near the beach. Being so near the beach, I have no AC in my place, and I swear it is a sauna in there. It's always a good 15 degrees hotter inside my apartment than it is outside, and no amount of open widows or fans bring any relief. Even having the light or the computer on adds extra heat to the room, so I sat around in the dark, just staring at the dog, both of us wishing for some kind of break.

It's supposed to cool down this weekend, and to that I say THANK YOU SO MUCH MOTHER NATURE I WAS DYING.

I love summer and I love the heat, but my little beach area isn't really equipped for those high temps.

4. I'm excited because I was asked to join the staff of our school's yearbook and become the writing advisor! I was very involved in my own yearbook in high school, and I was a co-editor my senior year. I loved everything about yearbook - writing, design, and photography. I'm super stoked to be able to get involved in my students' yearbooks! I know yearbooking has changed...back when I was in high school we actually typed up our stuff on one of these:
We had one for the whole staff, and we saved our work on floppy discs. And we thought we were high tech! So going into a program where everything is on Macs and there are bunches of computers and the design is all done digitally, well, I'm already sort of tripping out about it. But I'm so excited! Have I mentioned how much I love yearbook? And writing? (Duh) And my students? I can't wait to get started on this.

5. Okay, this is a big one. I'm getting really, really close to being done with my WIP. I had been hemming and hawing and writing around some of my major problems, and pretty much avoiding making any actual progress. But then I had a couple of breakthroughs, realized how to solve some of those things (well, theoretically, anyway), and got super motivated to be DONE WITH THIS THING ALREADY.

I wanted to set a deadline for myself, but my self-imposed deadlines don't really work. If someone else sets a deadline for me? I'm all over it. But when I set it? Psssh. I make excuse after excuse until that deadline is in my rearview mirror. I guess I just don't take myself seriously.

Well, I needed something to get me motivated...and then I remembered my birthday is coming up soon. This month, actually. And I figured that the best birthday gift I could give myself would be a completed ms.

This isn't really a deadline, see? It's a PRESENT. TO MYSELF.

So, that's my goal. A completed and polished ms by my birthday...September 26th. Can I pull it off?

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Those are some serious bargains, well done!

  2. Nice haul! And dude...a "bit" of a heat wave, I was DYING! Good luck finishing the WiP. I am a few days from being DONE with revisions and sending it off for a final read. WOOT!

  3. Yes! A birthday deadline is a fantastic idea. And congrats on joining the Yearbook Staff... I think that'd be loads of fun.

    I knew your classroom library had to be amazing. I think you should take a photo to share with us. :)

  4. I think I am going to break down and get a B&N card, too. I just can't bring myself to do it before Borders closes its doors. I feel like I'm cheating on them.

  5. Wow great haul! Your students are SO lucky!

    I am sweating and sitting in front of my fan as I type this. I am really hoping this heat wave is dunzo. Ew.

    I am cheering you on for your birthday deadline! You can totally do it!!!

  6. A hardcover copy of Revolution for 80% off - you scored! Jennifer Donnelly is one of my favorite authors. Happy birthday month!

  7. I'm going to keep hounding you to make sure you are writing. And feel free to yell at me too. ;)

  8. Your students are so lucky to have you! And good luck with your manuscript. I'm here to cheer you on. What a great birthday present that will be.

  9. Good luck with the birthday deadline! I know you can do it. That IS a great birthday present. :)

    Yikes about the heatwave. I can't imagine not having AC. Then again, I'm nowhere near a beach. I think if I lived near a beach, I could deal with having no AC. ;)

    Congrats on yearbook! Sounds like fun.

  10. Awesome book haul! And I'm sure you can do it! *pom poms*

  11. Nice haul! Yikes about the heat wave, though. I used to live in So Cal, and those things can be BRUTAL :(

  12. Hi Fellow Campaigner. I'm with you about the sadness at losing Borders. Happily, Books-a-Million looks like it will take over our Borders, so we won't be completely big bookstore-less (the B&N is 90 miles away). But I'm in a "I'll believe it when it happens" kind of mood about bookstores lately. Good luck meeting your deadline. If you keep at it on a regular basis, you'll make it!

  13. I'm drooling over here looking at all of those books!

  14. I think I'm going to hit up Borders today as well. Your stacks give me the urge to buy, buy, buy!

  15. Nice bargains! We went to Borders last weekend and it was so sad. Then I had to run to B&N to get a book for dh and I felt so dirty. Not to mention paying full price felt odd after going to the Borders sale so many times.
    That's so exciting about yearbook. I worked on our college yearbook - I was the Greek Life reporter, lol - and it was so fun.
    I know you can get your WIP done! I totally cannot wait to read it.

  16. I would have killed to have had a teacher like you back in the day.

    About Borders, I'm also too heartbroken to go back. Maybe I'll try this weekend - see how the Kobo is looking.

  17. That's a great goal. You can totally pull it off. Also, that is one heck of a pile!!! Hooray. Best library ever.

  18. You sound like a wonderful teacher and I'm glad there are teachers like you out there. You had quite the haul at Borders, too! I hope the kids enjoy the new additions to the library!

    Spet 26--no problem!

  19. Hi Jessica! I've mentioned you on my blog and passed on the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find the info here:

  20. I am so jealous of your book finds! But good for you. We don't have a Borders around here. So sad about the closing. And I think the completed ms is a WONDERFUL bday present!

  21. I'm sad about Borders too. :(

    Working on the yearbook sounds fun! Good luck with your deadline. I'm sure you can do it!