Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Five (14)

1. Every other day I get done teaching REALLY early. So instead of just heading home and messing around with the dog, I post up at the Starbucks across the street and write for a few hours. It's been great. I still write when I get home, too, but I work so much better when I am out somewhere. I turn my music up loud in my headphones, I get a yummy drink, and I just tune everything out and write like a crazy person.

I don't know that I can make this a habit forever, though. I'm not really wild about the coffee at Starbucks. I do love the Pumpkin Spice Lattes right now, but a medium (I refuse to say grande) is $4.55. I can't pay close to $5 for a freaking drink every other day. (I get my daily coffee at 7-11, where it's $0.50 to fill up my own mug) And I really don't feel okay with hanging out and using their facilities without paying for something. So I have all of these GCs from students and what-not that are funding my sneaky every other day writing time, but when those expire I will need to figure out Plan B.

2. Never fear, though...I have not abandoned my favorite writing office, Panera. I still go to Panera when I need a writing getaway at home. So even though they changed my favorite sandwich, the turkey artichoke panini (it used to have yummy artichoke pieces in it! Now it has artichoke spread...SO not the same), my favorite chair is still super comfy (unlike the hard chairs at Starbucks), the employees there still know me (they said "We missed you!" after I came back from Costa Rica), and their hazelnut coffee is still more delicious (and cheaper) than Starbucks (but not 7-11...but I can't hang out and write at 7-11). So Panera is my writing home, for sure, but this Starbucks makes a nice vacation home for a few hours a week.

3. The end is getting nearer for my WIP. I finished making all of my major changes last week, and this week I've been going through and editing everything new. It's been a long process, because I've been really agonizing over my word choice and sentence structure and all of that little but oh-so-important stuff. It's been fun, it just takes so long. I'm super happy with my progress, though. I've done more in the past month than I did over the summer when I wasn't teaching!

4. I'm really happy because I'm finally feeling good about it, you guys. This project is my NaNoWriMo project from 2008. Can you believe that? But this is it's 3rd version. I've rewritten it twice. It was a hot mess from Day 1, but I just couldn't give up on the characters or the story, so I started from scratch, and then started again. I have learned so much about my process through this whole thing and, dang, do I know what to do differently in the future so it doesn't take three years.

I'm just so happy that it has really shaped into something I can feel good about and be proud to call my own.

5. The Week of Jessica is now upon us! Feel free to celebrate! One of my besties has her birthday the day before mine, so we started celebrating last night with dinner and wine at our favorite restaurant, then Sunday is Mimosa Pajama Brunch on Sunday with our girlfriends (yes, brunch in our rules), and next Saturday is Saturday Funday at the beach with a bunch of our friends. I don't have any plans for my actual birthday yet, and I think I may lay low since the husband is going to take me out to dinner before my birthday gift Incubus concert. YAY!

I never need an excuse to party...but I definitely use my birthday as an excuse to party a LOT. I thought I might be over celebrating after I turned 30, but, nope! I'm thirty*something* now and still loving my birthday.

Happy Friday...and Happy Week of Jessica!


  1. Enjoy your birthday week! Sounds like you'll have a blast. I head to Panera once a week, too. It's a great place.

  2. You know, I write best when I'm out at the coffee shops. Expensive, but I only do this a few times a month. Once a week I get two hours of uninterrupted time while the little'uns are at nature class...the nature center has an awesome room with fireplace and view. Would move in if I could.
    So excited for your book!!

  3. Incubus concert sounds PERFECT for a birthday celebration. Enjoy it and have an awesome birthday!!

  4. Ah, I love Incubus! What an awesome way to spend the day-you week of Jessica sounds like so much fun!!
    That is so exciting that you're so close on your WIP. It's inspiring how you've stuck with it and now you're almost there!!!! awesome.
    I've been writing lately at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble and Panera. I have to rotate every few weeks so I don't start to become suspicious, lol

  5. Hi Jessica, I love Panera too--it's a great place to write. Enjoy your b-day fun :)

  6. I love the pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, just wish they weren't so expensive. I tried the new turkey artichoke panini at Panera and I liked it, even though it's not quite as good as the original. Congrats on almost being done with your WIP! I can't wait to read it. :)

    Happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday week! I love birthday weeks ;)

    And congrats on getting close to finished on your WIP!

  8. I only ever get the *tall* PSL, and that by itself is $4. It's so lame. Especially since I'm a poor college student and sort of need my money to pay for things like ramen...sigh.

    Enjoy your birthday week! Birthdays are the best excuse ever to party...not that an excuse is ever required ;)

  9. Congrats on all of your progress with your WIP! Can't wait to read it.

    Happy Birthday Week! Enjoy it! Brunch in pjs sounds awesome!

  10. Happy birthday week, and I'm SO happy that you've stuck with this one. I remember when you started it way back then (holy crap, have we been on NBC THAT long?) and I knew you could do it. Have a great week!

  11. So glad I got to celebrate with you!

    Congrats on the progress on your WIP WAHOOOOOOO!!