Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: Black Dog

So, my Book Love post on Thursday was about The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by the very awesome Michelle Hodkin. (It comes out today, BTW.)

Well...have you guys seen the book trailer?

I'm not generally a fan of most book trailers because most of the ones I've seen are just...not impressive. It's like they don't know what they want to be. Do they want to look like a movie trailer? Or something else? How can they capture the spirit of the book without forcing one person's vision for the characters on everyone? It's tricky business, I think, and I can't count on one hand the number of book trailers that have made me say YES!

Well, this is one of them. When I watched this trailer for the first time my jaw was on the floor. And then I watched it like seventeen more times. I LOVE IT. It uses words from the book, it uses actual scenes from the book, and it has actors playing the characters without forcing a vision of the character on you. I think this book trailer is perfection! (I'm curious what you guys think about book trailers in general and what you think about this one.)

And after I was done watching it for the seventeenth time I found that I couldn't get that song out of my head. I had to know more about it. I had to get it in my life.

So, I went out and found it. And it's ridiculously awesome.

I bought it on iTunes right away and I pretty much haven't stopped listening to it since. (Yes, I found something that has temporarily made me turn off the 90s playlist! I didn't think it could happen!) It's been the soundtrack to the frantic finishing of my revision. (Update soon!)

It's so haunting! It's so manic! It's so infectious!

Kelli Schaefer - Black Dog

I cant bury the black dog
singing till the sun comes up
you ain’t getting a hold of me
bones bleeding (if bones can bleed)
sore and seething all in harmony
you ain’t getting a hold of me
I cant believe you're serious
short tail
long legs
sharp teeth 

Coat tails dragging behind me
torn sails
whipping in the cold dark sea
you ain’t getting a hold of me
rapping on my bones
beating on my bones
keeping a beat
I’m sending everything to sleep
and you ain’t getting a good hold
I will use the coal you gave me
make a timeless masterpiece 

Oh no
you ain’t getting a hold of me 

Dang dog
claws in my side
slowing me down and making strange noises
creeping around and settling in slowly
making the fire grow above and below me
all I need to do now is to make my bed
all I need to give now is to get some rest
coming in and settling in slowly and making the fire grow above and below me
I cant believe that you don’t hear me (but you will eventually)


  1. Very cool. I hadn't seen it yet but I love it.
    And yes, great song.

  2. I've been hearing so much about this book and kind of dimissed it...UNITL this trailer. WOW! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Okay, that is one badass trailer. Brb buying the song as well.

  4. Happy late birthday! I love it when people post new tunes from artists I've never heard of--9 times out of 10 I really like them!

    Thanks for sharing this one!

  5. I am DYING to get my hands on this book! Amazing trailer!

  6. That was fantastic. I wanted to read this before but now I REALLY want to read it. :) The song is great too.