Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Five (16)

1. This week was homecoming week at my school. All week we had spirit dress up days leading up to the football game tonight and the dance tomorrow. If you follow me on Twitter (and you're on Twitter at 6:45am), you've seen my daily updates about what day it is and what I'm wearing.

Just for the purposes of real life YA research, these were the dress up days this week:

Stoplight Monday (wear red if you're taken, green if you're single, and yellow if you're not sure) (yes, I'm serious. This is an actual thing. They do it every year and I hate, hate, HATE it)
Tie Dye Tuesday
Workout Wednesday
Tank Thursday (you were supposed to wear tank tops, but the other English teachers and I interpreted this as military tanks and all wore camo)
School Shirt Friday

I wasn't really a fan of any of these days. Well, Workout Wednesday was nice because it was a chance to for me to get away with wearing sweatpants to work. But I was so comfy that I almost fell asleep at my chair during silent reading. Maybe there's a reason professional clothes are so uncomfortable.

Anyway, tonight at the game I get to drive the queen candidates around on a golf cart. Wheee!

2. I got bangs.

I'm still undecided, but mainly because I think they are too long. I think if I shortened them up a tad then I would like them a lot better.

I keep trying to take a picture to post and every picture turns out AWFUL. I don't know if that is me or the bangs causing the pictures to look so terrible. I'll blame it on the bangs.

I know this is very important news for you. Try not to lose sleep this weekend over the state of my bangs. (Or fringe, if we're being British)

3. So, Halloween is coming up. I love Halloween, and I love dressing up, but I don't have any costume ideas for this year. Do you guys have any costume suggestions for me? I'm looking for something that I can wear both to parties and to school (so no sexy nun or something like that) and that will be relatively cheap and easy. Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going to be? What should I do?

And, more importantly, what should the dog be? Gunner needs to be something awesome.

4. WIP update - I'm close you guys. SO CLOSE. I already got feedback from one of my readers, and I've been fiddling with her suggestions. I tried to write wrote the first draft of my synopsis last night. (Spoiler alert: It's horrible) I can't stop thinking about all of the ways I'm going to make this book perfect. EEEEK. I'm excited.

I wish October wasn't the BUSIEST MONTH OF MY LIFE. I swear...there's one day I have invitations for FOUR THINGS. On one day. I'm not trying to be all OMG I'm so popular, but jeez...can't we spread the things out a little bit? I have a novel to polish!

5. This weekend's things? Tonight is the homecoming football game, like I said. Then tomorrow my brother is in town, so I'll be heading out to my parents' house to hang with my family. Then Sunday is a birthday party for the two kids of my dear friend. Not a lot of down time, but a lot of quality time with some special people, so it will be a good one.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!


  1. I'm surprised your school's allowed to have Spotlight Monday. I'm shocked parents haven't complained about it. It seems inappropriate, especially when kids are insecure about having a boyfriend/girlfriend at that age.

  2. Homecoming and Halloween...just two more reasons to love fall. As for costume ideas, you should dress up as a literary character and give prizes to your students if they can guess who you are :)

  3. You need to use Spotlight Monday in one of your books. It's so perfect for conflict.

  4. Dude, October is INSANE for teachers. I'm struggling. Hang in there. I just keep November 1 as my end of the tunnel light and count the days.

    And okay, don't hate me - but who comes up with those dress up days? They're cute (I do like Spotlight Monday), but I read them and thought Where's pajama day?! Or Sadie Hawkins Day?! Or (shhh) Toga day?! I guess we're spoiled in Eastern NC. Our kids have three choices a day and a slew of them dress up. That's going to be one of my posts (if I can get it together) this month because Spirit Week has happened in two of my stories and well, I LOVE IT. Ours starts a week from Monday. Can't. Wait.

    And I will probably dress up as Winnie the Pooh for Halloween - because I always do. I bought it when my twelve yo was a baby and she was my honey pot. *sighs*
    Now I wear it to school for Disney Day during Homecoming Week. :)

    October is super busy, but it really is one of the most fun months!

  5. Don't hate me but I think that red, green, yellow thing is hysterical. Maybe cuz I've never heard of it before.

    You teachers have such fascinating stories.

    Halloween. *sigh*
    I'd dress up but I don't think we're going anywhere to dress up. Hanging out at home dressed up like Lara Croft with guns in my thigh holsters just sounds uncomfortable.

  6. Hey, Jessica. I love reading your blog. I'm experiencing blog fatigue and haven't blogged regularly. Maybe it's because my two different manuscripts are out to agents who have had them a REALLY long time and I'm feeling the blues about it. But your blog entries are fun and inspiring. Thanks! (I think the Stoplight day is fantastic fodder for writing, too.)
    Good luck on your manuscript. I'll follow to see what happens.

  7. I love Halloween too but more because it feels like a holiday rather than me trying to do something fun. I used to make clay models every Halloween when I was younger but I usually now do homework. there isn't much to do on Halloween around here. Halloween isn't big in my country.

    Oooh! I love fringes. Some of them can look really nice, such as the wispy ones whereas the ones I used to have (blunt) were awful. And my forehead just isn't big enough for one.