Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five (17)

1. Go check out YAConfidential today! Alison Miller has a great post on high school spirit days, and you can see some of my students' answers in there! My students are the cutest.
2. I tested out a new writing cave this week, but it didn't go very well. The first time I went it was nice and empty, but I tried again yesterday and it was so packed. I had to sit at a random bar top that did not give me enough room for my long-ass legs, so I ended up having to sit straddling the was not comfy. Or attractive. Then, because it was so crowded, it was ridiculously LOUD in there and I couldn't concentrate. Plus, the WiFi connection was TERRIBLE. It kept cutting out. It shouldn't have been a big deal, but I was on a computer that doesn't house my music, and because of the bad WiFi it wouldn't stay connected to Spotify or YouTube. I needed my music to drown out the LOUD PEOPLE (one table was some sort of law school-related interview and they were speaking at the top of their lungs, and another table was two girls meeting for the first time, maybe as potential roommates or something, and they were speaking at the top of their lungs), so I finally used the Pandora on my phone, but that drained my battery. Oy. And let's not even talk about the bathroom situation.
I think I'll give it one more try because it's close to my house and the coffee is way tasier than Starbucks, but if it's like that again then we're just not going to work out.
3. I quit my second job...I think. I gave my notice through our online messaging system, but no one has confirmed yet. I would have done it in person, but I haven't worked there in over a month and they don't have me on the schedule for the next month either. I didn't want to have to make a special trip down there just to quit, but it looks like they may make me do that if they don't acknowledge my notice.
Maybe I'll send them a carrier pigeon.
4. So, the first Breaking Dawn movie is coming out soon, and I could not be less interested in seeing it. I don't even know when it opens, to tell you the truth. I'm pretty famous in some circles for my firey hate of that book, and people keep trying to tell me that I will still go see the movie, but NO SIR. You are WRONG. I am not at all interested in seeing that hot mess, not even to mock it.
I was a big drinker of the Twilight Kool Aid, but that book (and some other things) really ruined the whole experience for me, so, no Breaking Dawn movie for me.
(BTW, I explained the plot of this book to the husband and his friend, and they both thought I was making it up just to mess with them.)
5. I have an early Halloween party tomorrow night. I'm attempting a Luna Lovegood costume. It's low budget, but hopefully it still comes together nicely. We'll see.
Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. You've been busy! Enjoy your party! :)

  2. Ooh, you would make a good Luna with your blond hair! Love your story about trying to explain the plot of Breaking Dawn to your husband and friend. So bananas. I have no words for that book.

  3. YAY! Someone who hates Twilight! I used to love it but then I turned 16 and grew up.

  4. I think my daughter will get a kick out of your Breaking Dawn story. She started reading the Twilight books, but lost interest.

  5. Good luck with the costume, sounds like fun :)

  6. Dude, I hope you'll still be friends with me if I tell you that Breaking Dawn was my fave of all the books :)

    Also, thanks so much for having your students answer questions for YAC!!!

    Also also, I hope I still get to SEE YOU next weeeeeeek!!

  7. Oh my God, today's #4 has me giving you a standing ovation. I am in a constant state of awe over the absolute inanity of Breaking Dawn. Still, though, I'll see the movie. I can't NOT watch the birth scene, though I'll probably deeply regret the entire experience.

  8. You'll be a great Luna! (and it shouldn't be hard, a robe and some All-Stars!)

    Oh and a This Star Won't Go Out bracelet :-D

  9. You'll make an awesome Luna.

    I can tell you when BD comes out but only because it is my bday and I was sort of annoyed by that. I have no desire to see it. I still haven't seen the last one. I kind of regret drinking that Kool Aid.

  10. Good luck with the internet situation. And hey about breaking dawn, I feel about the same way.

    I love the concept that Stephenie Meyer set, the bringing forth and reinvention of paranormals, but... they just held way too much drama for me. But I do like them, (in a sense).

  11. Ha! I love the expression "drinker of the Twilight Kool Aid." I definitely was too, but still haven't seen Eclipse and don't have any immediate plans to see Breaking Dawn...

    Good luck on the writing cave situation!