Monday, October 24, 2011

Luna Lovegood

On Saturday I had an early Halloween party. I love Halloween and I love dressing up, but I was faced with a bit of a challenge this year. I wanted to put something together on the cheap, and I wanted to wear something I could also wear to school on Halloween day. Nope, no sexy _________ for me this year.

I decided to be Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books, and, thanks to the internet, I was able to put the costume together on the cheap! Since there is still plenty of time to put together a costume, I figured I would share the pieces of my Luna costume with you guys.

Wizard robe: I used my college graduation gown. If you don't have a gown from your own graduation, I often see these at thrift stores

Collared shirt: Can you believe I don't own a white collared shirt? Button-up collared shirts generally aren't long enough on me, so I tend to avoid them. (I also hate ironing.) I found this LONG white polo at TJ Maxx for $7. It's totally something I can wear again, too.

Tie: I was going to get a plain blue tie and paint it, but I saw this one at TJ Maxx and it was perfect. It was $14 (a little more than the plain tie), but it's something the husband can wear to work, unlike one that I paint. So it was worth it to splurge a little (heh...yeah, $14 is a splurge) on the tie since he can actually get use out of it. I would have preferred book Ravenclaw colors (blue/bronze) to movie Ravenclaw colors (blue/blue), but what can you do.

Spectraspecs: I found this template online. I printed them on a silvery cardstock ($0.60) so they had a shimmery look. The lenses were cut out of plastic binder pencil pouches from Target ($0.69 each).

Earrings: I found this pattern to make radish earrings out of seed beads, but in the end I decided it would be easier and cheaper to just use real radishes. So I bought a small bag of earring hooks ($2) and a bunch of radishes from the store ($0.89/bunch), pulled out the smallest two, and used a ribbon to connect the radish to the earring hook. It took about 5 minutes.

Cork necklace: I had a bad day on Friday, so I went to the store and bought a cheap bottle of wine ($5), polished it off while catching up on Vlogbrothers videos (PERFECT Friday night, BTW), then used the cork for the necklace. I bent one of the earring hooks, stuck it in the top of the cork, then looped a ribbon through it.

Wand: I picked up a nice stick while I was walking the dog.

Quibbler: My friend Lauren sent me the images I printed out for the Quibbler. I just Googled and saw the same image here, so I'm sure it lives elsewhere on the internet as well. Or, if you are crafty, you could probably design your own Quibbler cover. I printed out the image and taped it on the cover of an old US Weekly that was lying around the house.

Clothes: I just wore comfy workout capris, since you couldn't really see my bottoms with the robe. Then I threw on some polka dotted knee socks and Chucks for a little Luna whimsy.

Hair: Luckily I have platinum blonde hair, like Luna, so I didn't need to worry about a wig or anything. I just curled it all and put the top part back. I tried to make it a little sloppy and haphazard in the back.

I put it all together, and here was the finished product:

I got lots of compliments on my costume, and the Harry Potter fans at the party were particularly excited about it. I can't wait to see what my students think of it next Monday!


  1. AND you printed off a Quibbler. Perfection!

  2. Awesome job with the Luna costume!

  3. That is such a good costume! You look great!

  4. So cute! I love literary Halloween costumes.

  5. Awesome costume! Love where you found everything, too :)

  6. You are the PERFECT Luna! Way cute! I was Hermione last year, and my "wand" was a stick out of the yard. :)

  7. This is the most fabulous Luna costume I've ever seen. YOU HAD REAL RADISH EARRINGS! High five, lady!!

  8. Great costume--you look wonderful! Hope your students agree!

  9. Excellent costume! Great job, Jessica! :)

  10. Ohmygosh - so adorable. And awesome. And well, you're just all kinds of clever and resourceful!

    Thanks for sharing. I usually just dress up as Pooh Bear. I'm so boring. ;)

  11. This is an absolutely amazing costume! So creative :)

  12. I was searching for costume ideas and saw this one. You did a fantastic job!!! Those glasses are awesome.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Really cute, Jessica. You've inspired me to dress up, too, when I take my 8-yr-old trick-or-treating this year.

  14. That's so cool. Love it, Jessica! So creative!