Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Madness

My internet situation at home has been...troublesome. So that meant no blog post last Thursday or Friday. I have internet just fine at work, but, because I work at a school, pretty much everything fun is blocked. I used to teach a laptop-based English class, so I TOTALLY GET IT. I'm glad all of the internetty distractions are blocked for the students. But as a grown adult, dangit, I want to update my blog on my lunch break and I can't. That's frustrating.

I used to email updates to my blog. This was especially useful for Road Trip Wednesday posts when the topic wasn't announced the night before. But lately my email updates haven't been working! I would type up a post and email it and it would be returned to me undeliverable. I was prompted by typing this post to go into my settings and see if anything had changed...apparently when Blogger switched over to the new format it disabled my email permissions! Blast! So I just turned them back on. And, inspired by Sarah Enni's blog meltdown, I also set it to email me every post.

Aren't you guys so glad that I blog about every thought that crosses my mind and every little thing I do as I do it? I know you are! My blog is SO FASCINATING sometimes!


Here's a random Monday update for you guys.

I hit 900 followers on Twitter. WTF. I'm flattered, but I don't get it. I think I'm boring as hell. (See above paragraphs for explanation.) (Don't take this as an invitation to unfollow me, though.)

I have had some dark moments of the soul with my WIP. I am tempted to throw it out the window. Long hours spent on it are just making it worse. Is this normal?

I was filling up my coffee at Panera and I caught the eye of this really cute, really tall guy and he was totally looking at me. And I was all EFF YES, I STILL HAVE IT. And I thought briefly about the fact that I had no makeup on and hadn't exactly brushed my hair and was still kinda in my pajamas, but I brushed off those thoughts in favor of EFF YES, I STILL HAVE IT. But then I went to the bathroom and I saw that my hair looked like this:

So, while I might still have it in some capacity, I certainly did not have it on this day, and the really cute, really tall guy was just wondering WTF was going on with my hair. Womp womp. Maybe I should actually, I don't know, do something with myself before I leave the house.

I'm not going to lie, you guys, this last push of revision on my ms has me a little punch drunk.

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. I hate the fact that there are internet restrictions on kids. I'm 19 and in my college, we can't look at stuff like Google Images. Suddenly, my Biology project with diagrams turns into loads of pages with words and no pics or diagrams.

    There is a way to get around it though with a proxy or something but I don't know what that is.

    Internet restrictions are silly anyway. Most kids have phones with internet access.

  2. So I think that your story is pretty funny, sometimes I leave the house and realize that I didn't even look in the mirror. It's crazy.

    Hey, with your ms. You can do it!!! You can revise it, and get it done!

  3. Jess, you crack me up! Yes, I'm TOTALLY glad that you blog about your every thought and action because it makes my day to read about your adventures. :) And EFF, YES, you do still have it!

  4. Heck there are restrictions even at PANERA these days. (try going to Editorrent's site sometime, it blocks it because there is Torrent in the name).

  5. I like random ramblings best. Don't throw your WIP out the window. I want to read it someday! Good luck with your hair. ;)

  6. I totally hear you about EVERYTHING you just said. I finally got around the network so I can access blogger at school, but for a while it was so frustrating!

    Congrats on so many Twitter followers! Wow! And you are so not boring. I LOVE reading your posts - they make me laugh. And I can usually relate.

    Hope your Tuesday gets better. :)

  7. OH - and PLEASE don't trash the WIP! Take a break if you need to, come back to it later, but please don't trash. I want to read your stories some day!

  8. Whoa, 900 followers? That solidifies're just awesome. :)

  9. I so get the deep, dark place with the WIP. But Alison is right: no thinking of the trash bin! I'm just now getting feedback from my actually teen aged beta readers, which is so much more in-my-face than my adult beta reader. I love it and it scares the be-jeezers out of me. We can do it, yes we can!

  10. Wow, 900 twitter followers is amazing! Good luck with your revision. I'm right there with you about my WIP but pushing through because I know I can make it better...somehow. ;) You can do it!

  11. Ha! Love that story :) Sounds like you need to take a reading vacation away from your WIP! When you come back to it, you will love it again. No trashing!