Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Side Characters in the Spotlight

It's time for another Road Trip Wednesday, a blog carnival hosted by the lovely ladies of YA Highway.
This week's question: 

We've done adults that should star in a YA novel-- tomorrow, tell us supporting characters that deserve the spotlight!

It was tough to narrow this down to three, I have so many side characters that I love. I had to limit it, otherwise I may have listed every side character in every book I have liked ever. And that would be a little ridiculous.

Ron Weasley in Harry Potter

Can I please have all Ron, all the time? I love this guy, as I have mentioned before. I would love a whole series about Ron's post-Hogwarts life. Last chapter to epilogue wasn't enough for me...more Weasley, please!

Ashely in Moonglass 

Ashely was HILARIOUS in this book. I loved her. As someone who is very familiar with Newport girls, I loved this twist on the stereotypical spoiled, clueless beach chick. Ashely was just a breath of fresh air...I would love to hang out with her, and I would really love to read an Ashely-centered romance. I mean, who is the guy who would end up with this girl? I bet he's amazing, and I must know more about him. Jessi Kirby, please write this for me!

Jenna in Hex Hall

I love Jenna, and she needs to be the star of her own show. Her backstory is so fascinating, and a Jenna prequel would be awesome. I know we know the brief version of how she ended up a vampire, but I'd really love the details, and I'd love the details of her life when Sophie isn't around. 

Do you guys have any side characters you would love to see star in their own story?


  1. The more I hear about Moonglass, the more I want to read it. Great choices!

  2. One of the besties and I were just talking about today's topic and she suggested Ron as well. That would be interesting and fun.

  3. I haven't read the last two books yet (they're on my list!) but I totally agree abotu Ron. Love him!

  4. I would love a Ron spin off and Jenna - oh, how I would enjoy reading more about her!

  5. I loved Ashley from MOONGLASS as well, though when she first appeared, I though I'd hate her. Jessi Kirby did such a fabulous job making her 3-dimensional and likable!

  6. A Ron book (or series) would be utterly awesome :) I'm also really looking forward to reading about Sydney from the Vampire Academy books--she's got her own series now, and I really liked her in the last two VA ones!

  7. What a fun blogging topic. I'm not a huge Ron fan (shields face) but I'd like a Hermione book!

  8. You are so right! I would totally read a book about Ashley! And Ron. *sigh*

    Great pics! I have had Hex Hall on my TBR forever. One of these days. :)