Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: Incubus

My favorite band is Incubus. I fell in love with them when I first saw them live with my bff back in August of 2001. Since then I have seen them live 12 times. They released a new album over the summer and were touring for it, so I knew I had to get tickets for show 13.

I was determined to get awesome seats to this show. The thing about seeing them so much is that it's not really enough for me to just be there anymore. They were playing at a big amphitheater, and I didn't want to be in the back. I wanted to be CLOSE. Sadly, this wasn't really in the cards. I'm on a major budget right now, and close seats are $$. I had birthday money I'd been tucking away for something special, and I was fully prepared to use it on amazing seats, but the husband talked me out of it. We ended up with tickets toward the back of the amphitheater, and I was a little bummed, but, honestly, just glad the tight budget allowed for tickets at all. YAY INCUBUS!

Pretty much the worst picture ever

As we were walking up to the venue, a local radio station was having a ticket promo giveaway, so I wandered over to their booth to see what I would have to do to get better tickets. Unfortunately they were only upgrading lawn seats, and, thankfully, we weren't that far back, so we turned to go browse the merch booth and grab a drink before the show started.

Right as I turned around I heard, "Jessica Love!" It was one of my friends from sorority; I haven't seen her since I graduated! I wasn't too surprised to see her there...I know she's a bit of a concert hoor like I am. In fact, I brought her with me to a Linkin Park show at the Roxy back in '01. We were right there in the pit and got out butts kicked, and we stuck around after and got pictures with the band...it was so much fun. Anyway, it was so good to see her and meet her boyfriend and say hello.

Anyway, the husband and I went up to our seats and they weren't so bad. Pretty far up, but we had a nice clear view of the stage and we were right in the middle. The band opened with Privilege, and I just started rocking out like a mofo. I was just happy to be there, you know? I felt bad for fretting about our tickets, I was just so happy to be seeing my very favorite band again. (Although, going to Incubus shows hasn't been the same since bff moved to the east coast. Incubus is one of the things that was always our thing, and I feel like I'm cheating on her when I go to a show with someone else.)

Well, about three songs into the show, my friend texted me. There were two empty seats next to her in the Orchestra. She said she would smuggle us down there if we wanted. Um...yeah! I grabbed the husband and we ran down there, and a few songs later, this was our view.

What? Seriously?

I was KICKING MYSELF because the husband and I had quite the conversation about bringing my camera with us. I finally decided to leave it in the car because we were so far away I wouldn't get any good pictures, but HOLY CATS imagine the shots I could have gotten with my 12x optical zoom from this close! UGH. Luckily my phone takes okay pictures, but still. THE PICTURES I COULD HAVE TAKEN. Woe.

So, WHEEE, everything worked out! I stayed in budget and still got awesome seats to see my favorite band for the 13th time. And, again, this brings me back to the fact that all good things in my life spring from my sorority. Love, love, love.

Brandon and Mike acoustic

For the Incubus fans out there, here's the set list from the show:

Wish You Were Here
Pardon Me
Promises, Promises
A Crow Left of the Murder
Talk Shows on Mute
A Certain Shade of Green
In the Company of Wolves
Defiance (acoustic)
Love Hurts (acoustic)
Anna Molly
Dig (remix)

Nice To Know You
Tomorrow's Food

I always make playlists of my favorite concerts, so here's the playlist on Spotify if you guys want to check it out. I wished this show wasn't all "hits" (with the exception of the opening song and the stuff from the new album), but it was fun to hear the new stuff live. I'm really enjoying their new album, If Not Now, When?

Any other Incubus fans out there? Or, do you guys have a band you LOVE like I love Incubus?


  1. Funny, I recognized the band name but I could not have said what they sing (though now I'm listening to Drive on YouTube and going oh, *that* song). For some reason I thought they were like super death metal...haha.
    I don't have any band that I follow that closely, but if I got the chance to see the Killers again I would jump on it. Brandon Flowers's voice makes me happy.

  2. Fellow Incubus lover here! I adore them. I remember when I first heard them. I was sitting in my dorm room in college in 1999. Ah, the days. I've seen them live not nearly as many times as you have (4), and I'm dying to see them again. Was hoping to hear they played more songs from MAKE YOURSELF though. We should chat sometime. I don't know any rabid Incubus fans, and it'd be fun to gush with someone who gets it!

  3. What an awesome story!!! Those seats are amazeballs, and I'm so glad you got bumped up for your favorite band!

    The band I'd die to see 13 times is Radiohead. They've been my FAVORITE forever, but obviously tickets to see them are $$$$.

    And I love that you make playlists. *high five*

  4. Awesome, I can't believe you ended up so close! And I love Incubus too, sounds like a great concert!

  5. Ha that sounds great, lucky you! I will have to have a listen to some of their music, I'm not familiar with them. They're lucky to have a dedicated fan like you - 13 times, wow.

  6. I love Incubus too, but am terrible about keeping up with concerts. Wish I had been at this one -- it's been too long!

    Back in 2002 I saw them three times in the span of a few months. That was so awesome, even the time I went to Verizon Amphitheater alone, since I didn't know anyone down here yet.

  7. Probably the biggest names I've seen are Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and Eric Clapton (yeah, I'm old!). The only artist I've seen multiple times (and was worth it every single time) is Phil Keaggy (look him up--one of the best, well, I think *the* best, but I'm trying to be nice--guitarists on the planet).

    I'm glad you managed to get such great seats, Jessica! I'm sure you'll cherish the experience forever. The seats I got at the McCartney concert were not nearly as good, but I'll never forget that night. :)

  8. Oh yeah, I'm a major Incubus/Brandon Boyd fan. They still 'got it' after all these years.

    But the biggest Incubus fan I know, and she's an UBER fan, is fellow writer and my dear friend Tara Watson (@authortaraw on twitter and blog: Feel of Something New). (She posted pix from her recent concert from their new album, too.)

    I'm so glad you got up closer into better seats. Brandon's too cute to be that far away from. :)


  9. Wow--how cool that you got those better seats! I'm such a chicken. I was at the Muse show last Oct (blew. my. mind. Seriously.) and had first row, non-floor. Does that make sense? All I had to do was slide under the little bar and Boom! Floor/standing room only seats. But I chickened out. What if I got caught and kicked out?! I'm such a chicken... :(

  10. While I'm not a die-hard fan like you, I definitely enjoy when Incubus comes on my Ipod. I don't think they've ever made a song that I didn't like.