Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Thankful

It's time for another Road Trip Wednesday, a blog carnival hosted by the lovely ladies of YA Highway.
This week's question:

What writing or publishing-related thing(s) are you most thankful for?

My unbelievably supportive writing group. When all of my agent stuff was going in, these girls were holding my hand and cheering me on, giving me advice and being so, so supportive. I can't even tell you how inspiring it is having these girls in my corner. And even more than having them cheer on my successes, I love cheering on their successes. They are a talented bunch, they have tons of amazing things in store for them, and I am so happy to know them. 

My CPs. They put up with my insane, neurotic emails. My freak outs over the smallest things. My absolute helplessness when it comes to plotting. They help me become a better writer every single day. I would be lost without them.

My blog and Twitter friends. You guys who come visit me over here, comment on my blog, chat with me on Twitter...I am so glad I have gotten to know you. You make this writing thing a lot less lonely and a lot more fun. 

My agent. Obvs. I am ridiculously thankful that Jill thinks that my writing is worth representing and wants to help me build a career in this business. If you would have told me this last Thanksgiving, I wouldn't have believed you. Not for a second. 

I know these are probably no different from most people thankful posts, but 2011 has been a rough year for me personally, and I've been so thankful to have the writing world to fall back on and give me comfort. Thank you all so much for your part in that!

What are you thankful for this year?


  1. It´s great to have a lot to be thankful for, especially in difficult times!

  2. I am grateful for my writer friends, and for possibilities :-)

  3. YAY! As one of your twitter & blog friends I say THANK YOU right back!

  4. YAY for fabulous writer/blogging/twitter friends! And yes, I am so thankful for writing PERIOD - shoot, I should have put that in my list *goes back and changes*. Seriously my gravity in a world that keeps me spinning.

  5. I absolutely agree with you about blog and Twitter friends who stop by and read what I have to say and even add their 2-cents. It's a writer's joy to be read, and following/commenting on a writer's blog is a great way to show him/her that they're being read. I really hope next year I'll be adding "my agent" to the list, but for now I'll celebrate with you for getting yours. Congrats again. :)

  6. Oh god, so much yes. I said in my own RTW post that I was thankful for the entire writing community--so basically what you said, just less specifics, haha.

  7. Awesome list!
    Woot for the writing community and the friends we made through social media!

  8. I hear you! My poor crit partners got some panicked emails this year too, and are wonderful at grounding me.

  9. Those are all great things to be thankful for! I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!

  10. Great list of thanks! I'm thankful for the writing community, too. 2011 has been a rollercoaster year and I am pretty sure social media/writing community friends deserve a little thanks for my sanity. :)
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!