Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: Graceland

This past week I saw the movie Like Crazy with some of my friends. I love movies like this, movies about complicated relationships. One of the things the couple in the movie, Jacob and Anna, first bonds over is their mutual love of Paul Simon's Graceland album.

I've loved Paul Simon since I was a Tiny Jess. He was always playing in my house, whether it was his solo stuff or Simon and Garfunkel stuff, and I feel very lucky that I have seen him live twice now, once with Bob Dylan and once with Art Garfunkel, which is a show I never thought I would get to see.

Graceland came out when I was eight years old and, because it was my dad's new favorite album, it became mine, too. I knew all the songs and I would sing along, even to the African chanting noises. And the thing is, it has totally held up. I was prompted to pull it out and give it a listen after the movie and I have hardly turned it off since. I'm amazed by the quality of the songwriting (oh, to have written these lyrics!) and the creativity of the music and just the timelessness of the whole album. It's as close as you can get to perfect, IMO.

I was trying to figure out which song to feature on this post, but I couldn't decide, so here are my favorites from this beautiful and special classic album.

The Boy in the Bubble

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes


Under African Skies

Crazy Love Part II (This is the one that showed up in the movie several times)

And, of course, we've all see this video, right? Love it.
You Can Call Me Al

I'm tempted to just post a video for every single song on the album, I love it that much. Every song speaks to me, still. I think every music collection should have Graceland in it.


  1. Love these! He's got such a great voice :)

  2. Now that's a neat collection! I'm sure I have Graceland in my playlist somewhere... :)

  3. I love this album so much. Now I need to see that movie!

  4. I'm going to confess here that Paul Simon has always bugged me. I don't know why. :( BUT I do like the video with Chevy Chase.

  5. I looove Paul Simon. Thanks for sharing these songs. Listening while at work and feeling good. :)

  6. You can call me Al reminds me so much of high school!
    I've been wanting to see Like Crazy--glad to hear good stuff about it!

  7. I remember when this came out (I was twice your age), it was to much popular and critical fanfare--not least because he went to South Africa and used their musicians and wrote songs in their style at a time when the country was still under the shadow of apartheid. The acclaim was well-deserved, however. It's a fine album.

  8. I totally love the album Graceland! And I love the video with Chevy Chase.
    Guess what? I'm seeing Paul Simon in concert on Thursday. :)

  9. All great songs! So cool that you got to see him in person. :)

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