Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Five (22)

1. Can I tell you how glorious it is to be done with NaNoWriMo? Oh man. Yesterday I got off work a little early to take my pup to the vet, then after we went to the park I came home, took a little nap, and then just SAT THERE ON THE COUCH. It was fantastic. I loved not having to kill myself to pump out 3k words.

Sure, I could have done something meaningful with my time, like go to yoga or clean the bathroom. But, no. I just sat on the couch and stared and loved every second of it. I think one day of NaNoWriMo hangover is totally acceptable, right?

2. Now my big plan for December is to read all of the books I currently own that were published in 2011. I currently have 10 of these titles...and hopefully I won't pick up any more before the end of the year, or this challenge is going to get difficult.

This is what I have sitting on my shelf from 2011, waiting to be read.

Supernaturally - Kiersten White
Bumped - Megan McCafferty
The Lover's Dictionary - David Levithan
Imaginary Girls - Nova Ren Suma
Beauty Queens - Libba Bray
Sharks & Boys - Kristen Tracy
Shine - Lauren Myracle
Shut Out - Kody Keplinger
Tangled Tides - Karen Amanda Hooper
A Need So Beautiful - Suzanne Young

So, ideally I would like to read these 2011 releases before the end of 2011. I don't have much else on my plate right now (well, I do, that's a lie...but whatever), so I totally think I can do it. Anyone else want to try to finish off your 2011 releases with me?

3. In case you missed it on Twitter, I have had the most ridiculous issues with a recent B&N order. It's no secret that I was a Borders girl, so my B&N online account hasn't gotten much use. In fact, the default  shipping address on my B&N account was still set to a job I haven't worked since 2003. So the other morning when I was ordering a belated baby shower gift for my friend while multi-tasking at work, I clicked submit without changing the address and the order got sent with this old address on it.

I called B&N within about 30 min of placing the order but by the time I got through explaining everything over their TERRIBLE phone connection (it sounded like talking to someone underwater but also driving on the freeway with the windows open...I had to repeat everything at least 3x) they said it was too late, the order was already processed, packaged, and set to ship.

I tried to call UPS to change the delivery address, but they said it had to have at least one failed delivery attempt before I could do that. I checked the tracking and saw it had been attempted and failed and to contact the sender to update the address. I called B&N and after they established what I had ordered ("A book? Like a hard book with a cover?") they told me that there was STILL nothing they could do, and that my option was to wait for my package to be returned and they will issue a refund, and I can place a new order in the meantime.


I'm going to try again with UPS later today, because it seems such a waste when the package is RIGHT HERE. And, man, I know the wrong address is completely my fault, but I can't believe this is such a cluster. It seems like it would be a pretty easy fix.

Luckily my dear friend is an understanding soul. And I'm totally adding this to the list of reasons I miss Borders.

4. I ordered my holiday cards yesterday. I love holiday cards! I love taking our annual holiday photo, I love choosing the design for our cards, and I love getting cards from all of our friends in the mail. It's all so much fun.

I have to say, though, that I really hate the trend of just ordering the photo cards and dropping them in the mail. (And don't get me started on the ones that get sent straight from the card company with a pre-printed greeting that is in a font that is supposed to pass for handwriting.) Part of the point of holiday cards for me is taking the time to handwrite a little note to my friends. I always make a point to do this, and I appreciate so much the friends who do this on their cards, too. People, I know we are all busy. Believe me. I know. But you can take a little extra time out to write a quick handwritten note on your cards. Don't just send them out with pre-printed address labels and no's like you didn't even think about the people you are sending them to! Your friends and family will appreciate the personal touch so much. And that's what the holiday season is all about, right? Genuine displays of love and appreciation, not obligated gift giving and card sending.

(Wow, I didn't mean for that to turn into a rant. Sorry about that.)

5. Today is the husband's birthday. Happy birthday to my hubs! He's OLD. (If you know the husband, you know why this is funny.) (No, I'm not married to a much younger man...he's older than I am.) (I know, inside jokes are no fun.)

I love this pic of him on the beach with my pups taking our holiday card photos!


  1. Have you not divulged hubby's name? I get the joke, I get the joke! ;) Happy birthday, OLD man! ;)



    PS Troll or Derby should be done by the end of Dec.

  2. Happy bday to your hubby!

    So sorry about the shipping hassle! That's a bummer...

  3. I'm excited for you to read Shine.

  4. Happy birthday Mr. Jessica!!

    I'm going to join you in the finishing of books from 2011 that I own. I'll post it on my late Friday Five tonight after my dinner.

  5. I'm going to try to read some of the 2011 books before the end of the year too. I can think of at least 3 that I need to read but I'm sure I have more.

    I still have an old address of yours in my Amazon account. I'm pretty sure you haven't lived there in ages.

    Email me your current address so I can send you a Christmas card. :)

  6. Oh and speaking of B&N customer service... I tried the online chat option to ask about my Nook. I said I was only able to connect when I went to "a B&N store." They responded, "What is a B&N store?" Come on!

  7. In school, when I was a teenager (we're talking 1980s), one of the fun things about this season was buying a box of Christmas cards and writing cards to all your school friends. It was always a pleasant surprise to see who actually sent you cards. I remember getting cards from people I thought really didn't like me. Perhaps they didn't but didn't want to hurt my feelings. It was nice, anyway. :)

  8. Aww, have fun celebrating your hubby's birthday! I've got my holiday cards all stacked up on my dining room table, waiting for addresses and notes... daunting! And, I'm going to make a list of my 2011 To-Read books too. I've got a good reason to get through as many as I can over the next few weeks! :)

  9. Happy birthday to your hubby! And lol at the joke :P

    I so agree with you on people just dropping the photo cards into the mail. D's family is really bad about this - they don't even bother to sign them! They just have their names printed on the card too.

  10. Is it bad that I had to read that first comment before I got your little joke about the husband and how old he is? I am NOT with it.

  11. Hope you enjoyed your NaNo hangover day. After reading how much effort into this, I think one day is cutting it short :-) I also love holiday cards. My hubby and I get ours from UNICEF every year and we (or actually I and he signs) spend happy time writing them...I love sending them and I love receiving them...Happy belated Birthday to your husband!