Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Five (23)

1. I'm totally failing at my plan to read all of my 2011 books in the month of December. I haven't read anything yet! I don't know what's wrong with me. I just sit here and stare at my pile and then goof off on Twitter for hours on end. I know that my brain is just wanting a break after working so hard for the past few months, but I wish it would want to take a break by losing itself in a good book.

I know I'll get through a bunch of books when I'm off work, but...well, I guess I don't know that because I have really been letting myself down when it comes to reading. And the thing that kills me is that I WANT to read these books. Gah. What's my problem?

2. Was this week just THE LONGEST WEEK OF ALL TIME to anyone else? I swear, I would think it was Thursday and it would be, like, Monday at 11:30am. It never ended. I think time actually came to a standstill yesterday during my 3rd period class. I always secretly wish I could extend our 20 minutes of silent reading and just have them read for the whole class...or at least an hour. So yesterday I cut off their reading and they all (well, about 75% of them) begged me to keep it going. Who am I to deny teenagers begging me to read? So they kept reading. But I swear, the clock didn't move. For a long time. For some reason, 3rd period felt like it lasted an entire day. The reading must have caused it somehow.

3. This past Saturday a bunch of LA area kidlit people got together for a little Holiday party. We all brought cookies to snack on and books to donate to local schools in need (you should have seen the stack of books) and I had some delicious beverages (the hottie bartender at the Wellesbourne makes a mean Sidecar) and had some great conversation with some of my favorite local writing people.

The more I go to these things, the more people I meet, the more people I know, and the more fun I have. I was a little bit by myself for awhile, but awesome people introduced me around, and then I wasn't a wallflower anymore.

I feel very lucky that I live in an area with such an active and fun kidlit community. I have to drive a little bit from OC to LA, but it's worth it to have that real life interaction.

4. I'm so excited to see how many of you have signed up for the Class of 2011: YA Superlatives Blogfest already. I know some of you have even started putting your lists together! That's so awesome. I really can't wait to see everyone's choices. I've been thinking about my own choices, but I haven't really narrowed everything down yet. It's a good thing I still have plenty of time to figure it out. (And read more books...if I can manage to do it)

If you haven't signed up yet, click the button below to get to Monday's info post. Then go ahead and sign up! And remember, if you are going to be out of town that week, you can always schedule your posts ahead of time and then blog hop when you get back.

5. Remember how I was asking you guys to vote for my friend Claire in the American Airlines Road Warrior Contest?

This update was just an excuse to post another cute pic of us

Well, she has a little note of appreciation for all of you who voted!

Thank you so much to all of you who voted for me in the Road Warrior contest.  I know the results as well as the exact vote counts, and while I'm not allowed to share them publicly yet, I can tell you that all of your votes DID make a difference in what I won. :)  And an even huger thank you to Jessica, who generously and tirelessly promoted my entry all over the Internet, day after day, even as amazing things were happening in her life (hello, agent!) and she had a billion other things to do (yay for finishing NaNoWriMo!).  There's a reason I'm taking her to Miami, and it's not just because she has great hair -- she's a wonderful friend, and I hope all of you have the chance to meet in person at some point.  Thanks again to everyone!

Aww, thanks, Claire. You're the best! (I do have great hair, don't I? Heh.) And thank you guys for indulging me and voting for my friend. That was pretty awesome of you. 

Happy Friday, everyone! (Let's put this long week to bed...please!)


  1. I'm failing at reading more this month too :(

  2. Yes, you have great hair!
    This week was the longest. Ever. So glad it's Friday!

  3. Agreed--super long week yet not enough time to read. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. YAY Claire!!!

    You DO have awesome hair!

    This WAS the longest week ever!

    If you somehow scrape up some reading mojo will you pass it on over this way?

    I'm glad you had fun at KidLit drinks and weren't a wallflower for too long. I am still trying not to be depressed that I couldn't make it.

    I was going to say something else, but then I realized that would be 6 replies when you only posted 5 things which would make me the most obnoxious commenter ever. I'm so glad I refrained.

  5. I have had a slow time working through my to be read list as well. I'm reading Murukami's 1Q84 right now and I love it. But it's a gargantuan book.

  6. This was a long week for me too. I think it's because of the "in-betweenness" of Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Next week will be faster.

    Hottie bartender also made a mean "dark and stormy"! Glad you had fun. I wish I could have stayed longer! Next time.

    That was a sweet note from Claire. And a sweeter pic! :)

  7. I'm failing on reading this month too. I have a list of 5 books I want to read by the end of the year, and I doubt that is going to happen! The book I'm reading right now is just so boring. I would put it aside, but I'm reading it for a book challenge.

    Yes, this week has seemed SO long. Every day I woke up thinking it had to be Friday.

    The kidlit holiday party sounds fun! Glad you had a good time.

  8. Dude. I TOTALLY hear you on number one. I have so many books I need to read and just find myself doing everything but. AND TWO. My third period is the longest hour and a half of my day.

    Hope your next week moves much faster!

  9. I'm so overwhelmed by the amount of books I want to get through in the next few weeks. I've read a few (CROSSED, THE FUTURE OF US) and I'm currently working on IMAGINARY GIRLS, but holy cow is my To-Read pile intimidating. Here's to hoping your break hurries up and gets here so you can get to reading!

  10. That bartender at Wellsbourne is totes hawt! lol glad I wasn't the only one who noticed

  11. I'm excited to hear what your friend Claire won!

    That's awesome that you have fun kidlit events in your area. There are fun events in NYC too, and I'm so grateful to live here.

    I hope this upcoming week goes much faster for you!

  12. Yes, this (last) week WAS a long one. Agree totally. It's the post-Thanksgiving Break time-interuptus that happens to all teachers. Aren't you totally ready now for Christmas Break?