Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Book Shopping

It's time for another Road Trip Wednesday, a blog carnival hosted by the lovely ladies of YA Highway.
This week's question:

Where do you buy books?

Well, I used to buy my books at Borders, and I really do miss it so much. 

Pouring one out for my homie

So this summer I found myself doing something I never thought I would do...I got myself a Barnes & Noble membership. I have two B&N locations very close to me, so the physical stores are really convenient, and I do really like the free shipping for members when I do my online shopping. 

Before the free B&N shipping, I would only buy online from Amazon if I had a GC or if I had an order that was over $25 so I could get free shipping. Otherwise it was always Book Depository and their free shipping. It would take a little bit longer to get here, but, well, I hate paying for shipping when I don't have to. 

I also shop a LOT at my library's used book store. I LOVE shopping here because I can get such fabulous deals. The library is in a bit of a fancy schmancy area, so the rich OC Housewives buy all of these awesome books, read them once (or not at all), and then donate them to the library, where I get to buy brand new or like new books for dirt cheap. I generally get the things I want for $1 or 2 for $1. I also stock up for my classroom BIG TIME here. I love walking out of there with 10 books for my students and only spending $5. The negative is that I never know what is going to be there, but I have found some real gems, and, let's be honest, digging around is the fun part. And I love that the profits from the store support the library. 

Where do you shop for books?


  1. Love the homie pic. I used to shop at borders, now it's Amazon.

  2. B&N. Or if I'm in a city that has an Indie Book store I usually try to buy at least one there.

  3. Ahaha, love that pic! Shopping at the library is great, sometimes they have books for 50 cents.

  4. I usually buy books from Amazon. I have gone to Barnes & Noble and they never seem to have the books I'm looking for, so I just end up buying them online. I also buy books at that local bookstore where I go to the book signings. You have to buy the book from them in order to get it signed.

    I've tried my library's used book sale but they don't have much of a selection.

  5. I buy book from Amazon, though I used to have a Books A Million membership card and bought a lot there.

  6. Sounds like an interesting library and way to go getting a bunch of books for your students! :-)
    I buy a lot online but also enjoy browing the bookstores in the city.

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  8. I too have a B&N membership. The thing that always used to irk me about Amazon's free shipping, aside from having to spend $25 or more to get it, was that it would always take a long time (a week or more) to arrive. It seemed as if those who paid for shipping got their books flown to the door by personal jet, and those that went for the free shipping had their books strapped to the back of a small child and you just hoped for the best.

    I think Amazon have improved their free shipping--especially in the wake of B&N's guaranteed 3-day free shipping. But that would usually be a deal-breaker for me if the price of a book was close between Amazon and B&N.

  9. LOL at the pouring of liquor. I felt exactly like that when the Borders near my house AND my job closed. Sad times indeed. That was my spot!

    Now when I do buy books, I either go online or at the B&N by my job or house.

    ...but it just isn't the same.

  10. Our library has a used book section too, but not much in the YA department. But I've been getting close to those deals at a second hand book store that just opened.

    And I love that you have such an amazing classroom library. :)

  11. I shop at Amazon. If you sign up for an Amazon Prime membership (you pay a small fee once a year) you get free shipping on any Prime products, no matter how much you spend. And pretty much all books are under the Prime label. I like this because I can buy just one book if I want to. Plus, I buy other stuff there so I definitely save the cost of Prime membership during the year.

  12. Does your library have the $5 a bag sales? Those are when I really score--paperback kids books take up hardly any room! And I always laugh when I see about 15 copies of the same vintage popular book, like an entire book club donated their books at once.

  13. Used books from the library are the greatest. When I was a kid my family would come home with boxes of used library books. Awesome! Not too sure if my library does this now, but I doubt it would be anywhere near as shmancy as yours sounds =)

  14. That pic CRACKS ME UP. :)

    Forgive me, budding authors for I have sinned...

    I bought 4 MG books at B&N for FIFTY-FOUR dollars. Feeling like I got hosed, I went home and checked Amazon. I could get 3 of the 4 books for $27 instead of the $46 that they cost at B&N.

    Sorry, but I had no choice. I'd rather have the extra $20. I ordered them online and returned the ones to B&N.

    Like you, I use Amazon if I can get over $25. If not, I go to the used book store.

  15. Oh my goodness... that opening image and caption made me laugh out loud! I miss "my" Borders so hard!

  16. Oh, I love shopping from the Friends of the Library sales rack at our local library. I've gotten some super cool books for really cheap. Some awesome first editions, even. Or even just really neat old books or strange ones that caught my eye.

    I don't buy as many books as I used to. I have less time to read now.

  17. I was a Borders shopper, too, and I still miss it!
    For online shopping, I've totally switched from Amazon to B&N. Love that free expedited shipping.