Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Character Gifts

It's time for another Road Trip Wednesday, a blog carnival hosted by the lovely ladies of YA Highway.
This week's question:
What would be the ideal holiday present for your main character (or your favorite character)?
Oh, Chelsea, my main character, loves Christmas. Well, she loves gifts, anyway.
Some things she would love to find under her tree...
*A mix CD of meangful songs (she needs a "I Have a Hot New Boyfriend" mix)
*A GC to Taco Mia, her favorite taco place
*A new pair of Blochs (dance shoes)
*A headset for her video game console (hers broke in a fight with her brother Andy)
*A picture of her with her bff Amber in a cute frame
*Someone to come in and clean her room for her (she hasn't been able to find her favorite hoodie for a while now...)
What about you? What would be the ideal holiday present for that special character in your life?


  1. Some of those gifts would have totally worked for me when I was a teenie (some of them still do ;-))

  2. My character would like to be magic. Barring that possibility, she seems to need her own cell phone.

  3. she sounds like a fun main character :)

  4. Oh, I want many of those too! lol

  5. Mix CDs are always on my list, too! :)

  6. I love how specific these are--it makes me really want to get to know her!

  7. Funny how well I feel like I know Chelsea, just based on that short gift list. And I know I'd love her, based solely on her love for tacos!

  8. Your MC sounds like me! I mean me in high school, of course, not like, yesterday...yeah...

  9. If she likes tacos and dancing, she sounds awesome.

  10. LOVE Blochs! Either Blochs or Capezios - nothing else!

    And love the list! I love Chelsea already!

  11. I Have a Hot New Boyfriend Mix is my favorite!