Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five (26)

1. WAAAH! Today is the last day of my luxurious three week winter break. Three weeks is a long time, you guys. Long enough to get really, really used to being off. It's an entire week with no holidays and nothing to do. It's long enough to forget the names of all of your students (Wait...what?) I really, really do not want to go back to work. I'm way too used to lounging around with the dog all day. I really like it that way. Can I just be a stay at home dog mom? Gunner needs me.

Seriously, the thought of going back on Monday is giving me major anxiety. Like, curl into the fetal position and try not to cry anxiety.

I swear, I'm worse than the students.

2. On Monday it was so nice here in southern California (it's been nice all week, like 80+ degrees nice, and some of my friends have the audacity to complain that it's too hot for January. Can you believe that nonsense? I certainly can NOT) that the husband and I took little Gunner to the beach to run around. Gunner absolutely loves playing in the sand.

Anyway, I took a few cute pictures of the boy, and I figured everyone needed to see them. (I posted these on Twitter on Monday, but, you know, I'm a proud mom.)

If cuteness could kill...

You better not need saving, he hates the water

I've been having the best time with my little guy over break...taking him to the beach, taking him to the park, buying him lots of rawhide chews. I know he's going to be just as sad as I am on Monday.

3. Another thing I've been doing great with over the break is getting back into the groove of going to the gym. My schamncy new gym has awesome classes that are super small (Wed. night's class had five people in it) and I am just loving all of the different types of classes that are offered.

By far, my favorite is this class called Hustle. It's just hip-hop dancing. Not even cardio-style dancing like Zumba...actual hip-hop dancing. IT IS SO MUCH FUN. I used to dance back in the stone ages and I loved it and I still miss it every now and then. I've lost every bit of coordination I ever had, but this class is still so much freaking fun. The hour goes by in the blink of an eye,

I just wasted like 45 minutes searching videos of Hustle classes on YouTube to link here so you can see what it's all about. I was going to link to videos my my actual instructor, but I don't need any of you showing up in my class (heh), so I found this bad-ass chick instead.

So. Much. Fun. Makes me actually NOT hate going to the gym, which is something I never thought I would say.

4. Last night a shiny new idea popped into my head, complete with so many details that it actually shocked the hell out of me. I'm not the kind of person to just come up with new ideas out of the blue. Ideas rarely visit me. But BAM. There it was...a different version of something I have been trying to make work in the back of my head for about six months now.

I opened up a Google doc to just write down all the details, drop in a few helpful links, and expand on a few ideas. You know, so I don't forget about it for later. Then, before I even knew what happened, I had a new Scrivener doc open and 1300 words written. Just to see what happened.


Dang sexy idea. You need to go away. Although...I'm not all that far into my other thing. Hm...


(Yes, this is what five minutes inside my head is like. Doesn't it sound like fun?)

5. I know I'm not supposed to care about these things, but I couldn't help but be super excited when I realized I passed 1,000 Twitter followers. I have no idea how that happened, but it thrills me to no end. Especially when it came up at the NYE party I went to and everyone was in awe of my follower count. I  have to admit, I felt a little cool. Yes, I have over 1,000 people paying vague attention to the random things I say online, and half of them are probably porn bots, but who cares. Everyone at this party is jealous. Haha.

Yeah, it's the little things. I'm telling you, it takes so little to get me excited. This is why I am always having so much fun.

Okay, everyone...enjoy your weekend. I know I'll be enjoying my last weekend of freedom before heading back to work on Monday. WAAH.


  1. Ahhh!! Loved this post!!! It was 60 degrees in Iowa yesterday. It.was.AWESOME. Usually we are knee deep in snow right now. Im loving not having any. That hustle class sounds awesome! I so wish we had one around here, but I will have to live vicariously through you I suppose! I hope your shiny new idea turns into something fantabulous!!

  2. Jessica, you and I have followed each other on Twitter for a while, but I've just discovered your blog and I am so happy!

  3. Have fun on your last weekend!! And congrats on 1000 followers!! That's so awesome!! I recently got 200 and I was really excited :)

  4. That Hustle class looks fun! I used to take hip hop classes at a dance studio and I miss it. Right now I go to Zumba, which is ok, but I'd love to take hip hop again. Also, I wish my classes were small like yours. Zumba is so packed every time that there is barely room to move.

    I still haven't signed up for Twitter yet (will do that soon!) but sometimes I read your Twitter. So you have an extra follower who is just too lazy to sign up. ha

  5. It's SO HARD to go back to work after time off. And good for you for getting back to the gym! (That's been one of my things this week too. :))

  6. Ooh sexy new idea! If it's calling to you to write it, maybe you should listen. Although your other idea is awesome too. Basically, you need to write faster so I can read both.

  7. Enjoy these last few days off! I had a little over a week off from work and coming back this week was rough. I'm jealous of your warm weather! And that dance class sounds awesome. I took dance class up until college and it was so fun. I need to find a class like this near me!

  8. I'm always torn at the end of breaks. On the one hand, I'm always really bored toward the end and think it would be nice to have something to do besides sit in my PJs watch TV shows on Netflix all day. On the other hand, now that I actually have things to do, I sort of just want to hang around in my PJs and sleep on the couch all day.

    Good luck with BOTH of your ideas!

  9. Your puppy is so cute! I'm glad you had a great break.

  10. I'm SO not looking forward to the students getting back here to my quiet little college town. It's so much nicer when school isn't in session :) Hope you enjoy the last few days of your break!

  11. Gah! Attacked by the slutty new idea! If it stays in the forefront of your mind, I say do it!

  12. Nice when porn bots can help make your day, right? I'm super anxious about going back Monday, too. I miss my students like crazy, but you're right: dog cuddling is WAY MORE FUN. Alas, being a trophy wife is just not in the cards for me right now. :sigh:

  13. Wow, three weeks? We had a week and a day off this year, because of the way Christmas and New Year's lined up. We had school on Dec. 23rd--the double whammy of "Friday" and "the day before Christmas Eve/Winter Break" meant that I taught a class of seven kids and a class of THREE kids that day--and we were back on Jan. 3rd. It was way way way too short.

    Then again, here in NY we get a weird February break around Presidents' Day, which I've heard came out of the oil crisis in the 70s, so they wouldn't have to heat schools for a week in Feb. So that is kind of nice--otherwise, the stretch from Christmas holidays to Spring Break could get pretty long.